ZEEN chair

Isis is the goddess of magic, of fertility and maternity. She is the “goddess of the gods” at the apex of the Egyptian pantheon. The iconographic portrayal of this goddess, symbol of femininity par excellence, provided the project input for Zeen.

The material chosen for the seat is polyethylene moulded with rotational process. Eco-friendly and 100-percent recyclable, the material aptly expresses the character of Zeen. It also lends the seat ideal physical properties: lightness; ease of handling and cleaning. Furthermore, the material is shockproof and resistant to airborne pollutants. The seat back and base feature distinctive apertures which serve as storage spaces, adding yet another practical advantage. Finally, a key feature of Zeen is its modularity. Use Zeen as a variable set of combinations for medium and large-size spaces, in and out of doors.

Interesting afterthought: the profile of Zeen evokes a stylised image of a kneeling figure, as isis is often portrayed in murals and bas-reliefs inside the temples and tombs of ancient

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