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We contacted these guys to move my elderly mother-in-law from Salt Lake City to Atlanta. We were given "Spence" as the contact, who got us the price. We also paid extra to have the movers help pack some of the items into boxes. When the movers arrived, the price had magically doubled, and the movers refused to do anything unless she signed to pay that rate. We tried to contact Spence... no response. We contacted the main number, no response. The movers then loudly complained that they weren't paid for packing all this 's••t', which we did pay extra for. The movers had loud, foul mouths the entire time. But that is minor compared to the next part. The moving company leaves with all the items, and are supposed to be delivered in about 14 days. 14 days came and went with no contact about a delivery. We contacted BCCM (they told us only to contact them, not the actual moving company). We never were able to speak to Spence again (we were told he is the one we should always speak to), but another very rude woman told us they will tell us when it's delivered, and then told us to call the actual moving company. We then reached out to the actual moving company, and were told that the items were stored in Arizona. This went on for nearly FIVE MONTHS. During that time we were told theaters were already in Atlanta in storage, we were told they didn't know where they items were, and often we were just brushed off by the rude woman. At one point, we literally told them we were calling the police, if they didn't respond with where all of the items were. After months and months of this, they finally delivered the items... in pieces. Smashed pictures, broken chairs, and a very nice and expensive table table that was completely demolished. There were also items missing, and items delivered that were not ours. When we contacted them, the rude lady told us to file an insurance claim, and that the other items were ours, if they had our sticker on them. We have tried numerous times to try and get them to take the items and find who they belong to.... but those items are still in our garage. In speaking to the guys that delivered the items (they were hired just for the final delivery), they told us that they were hearing the same story from everyone they delivered to. Overall, these guys get -700,000 stars. They are disrespectful, they lie, they avoid you, they hire terrible moving companies to do the actual work, and they have 0 accountability. Avoid them like the plague!
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This has been the worst experience of my life. I’m so upset I care not to go into the 2 week headache this company has caused me as I am a new grieving mothers did this should be the least of my worries after paying ALL Of f the money UPFRONT!!!!!! Just so they would deliver on time...... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! THERE ARE SOOOOOOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE OR WHO HAS MY WHOLE HOUSE THAT I JUST WANTED TO MOVE FROM NY TO FLORIDA. From Ray to Shirley to hector and jermaine to whoever this man that just called me and stated that his drivers GPS STATES 3 hours from ORLANDO FL to TAMPA FL. this has been a complete yourself the headache and go elsewhere
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CAUTION. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. 1. OVER A MONTH FOR YOUR THINGS TO ARRIVE. 2. ALL YOUR THINGS WILL COME DAMAGED. The mattress came in torn out of its bay with the entire side wet and filthy. This company kept making false promises that a schedule for our things would come but they never followed through. Most x large boxes were torn up upon delivery and the dispatch team is absolutely rude. Do not use this company. They are not to be trusted!!!
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Please read the reviews other people have left on Yelp, BBB (Better Business Bureau), etc. Moving companies are known to create profiles and write themselves positive reviews to cover up the numerous negative reviews they have. This company is terrible and will cause you endless amounts of stress. • Best Cross Country is a BROKER, not an actual moving company. They will tell you they own “some trucks” (will never specify) and sometimes use other companies. • Initial Quote: they will quote you a very attractive price to get your business. They ask you for what items you will be moving and they add it to their system. For example, if you say “1 King size mattress”, that will show up on your quote sheet. EVERYTHING is based on actual measurement of your furniture (in cubic feet). These companies use “Standard” measurements that are published by the Dept. of Transportation (ask them for this). You need to make sure you measure every item that you’re putting on the truck to make sure the quote doesn’t underestimate how much space you’ll need. If you don’t do this, they will charge you more on the day of your move and you’ll have no choice but to pay whatever they ask. I told them to add 8 extra boxes to the list to give me cushion so I don’t go over my allotted space. That didn’t help as you’ll read in the “Moving Day” section below. •Customer service: Absolutely terrible and rude. They know that you need them more than they need you and they take full advantage of this. Once they lock in your contract, good luck ever hearing from them again. After my furniture was picked up, they never answered my phone call again. I called them from a different number and got in contact with customer service to ask for updates regarding my move. They said they would have to call me back. And of course never did. The transaction with Best Cross Country Movers ends once your furniture is picked up. After that they don’t care. They’ve been paid. They won’t call you back. •Moving day: Dispatch will notify you when the movers are expected to arrive 24 hours before moving day. The movers showed up in a rental Ryder truck (seems odd for a moving company, until you find out they don’t own trucks. It was very sketchy). When the movers showed up, they walked in my apartment, looked at the stuff I had and said they have to charge me an extra $700 because they “can tell that I’m over my cubic feet”. I asked how they know that by just looking and they said “they just know” and that they won’t move my stuff until I pay. I didn’t have anything extra beyond what I listed when I got my first initial quote (see above). They didn’t even look at the inventory list they were provided to compare what I had to what was on the quote – this is part of the scam. This is how they make money. They also told me that if I tip them well they won’t change the estimate on my contract. I paid them extra and they pocketed all of it. They didn’t give a receipt because they didn’t change the cost on the contract. •Timing: To get the sale, they told me it typically takes about 5-7 days to get your stuff. It took them ONE MONTH. Because Best Cross Country stopped answering my calls, I had to call the actual moving company directly to get a status update. 5 days after the initial pick up, they started to give me the runaround. After calling every other day, for 3 weeks someone finally told me your stuff is in a warehouse in Georgia (something they don’t tell you: they pick your stuff up on moving day, take it to a local warehouse where it sits for days or weeks. Then another truck picks it up and transfers to another warehouse where it sits even longer. Your belongings are transferred from truck to truck, which is probably why they lost 2 items that I had. I could go on and on, but I think I covered the key points (Google limits the number of characters). Best advice: use a major moving company or rent a truck yourself, hire movers to just load and unload the truck for you, and drive the truck across the country yourself. It's worth it.
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We are so glad we went with Best Cross Country Movers! He and his crew were efficient, professional, and trustworthy. They wrapped up our furniture, professionally disassembled and reassembled, and had it all done in quick time. We were moving a four bedroom house across town and the crew of three had everything moved and in its place within 6 hours. Moving sucks, but they definitely made it the best move I've had in 8 moves over the past 10 years. I plan on staying in this house for a long time, but if we move again or if I have friends moving, Best Cross Country Movers will get my highest recommendation!
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DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. I have moved a lot and this is the most unprofessional company I've dealt with. Firstly they are a broker and subcontract to companies that cross dock. This means your items will be loaded and unloaded multiple times. The company they subcontracted was NW Relocation. The movers were six hours late and then took six hours to do a one hour job. Heavy items were put on top of light items crushing the contents. Heavy items were put on top of my antique hutch. I had an expensive painting unwrapped from the packing it was in at one of the cross docks and thrown unprotected into the truck. Needless to say the artwork is destroyed among other items. Who knows what I will find broken in the boxes when I am finally able to unpack everything. They also are very poor communicators and avoid responsibility. I did not find out my items were arriving until the day before they arrived despite asking numerous times for communication. And I have the storage facility they moved my items out of threatening to take me to court for damage this company did to the facility and they will not take responsibility. I am absolutely appalled at the level of of incompetence I witnessed. I'd give them zero stars if I could.
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Completely fraudulent. Salesman (Anthony Sims) lied and said they were not a broker and could get my things there within 3-5 days. The actual asset based company i had to call and hear it would be between 14-21 days. They have been non responsive since my first initial call to collect money. Once they have it, you are on your own. No reason to have a broker that is not going to help with anything. DO NOT MOVE WITH THEM.
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