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Neelu - A name that continues to resonate in our new house and provide us a sense of warmth and pride for our new possession. It took us months to decide on taking Neelu's professional help for our home interiors but now when we reflect back - not only on the decision but also on the journey along the way, we get immense satisfaction and happiness at having made that choice. A professional to the core, she was able to deliver on the promise and give shape to the imagery that she had envisaged and showed us in her 3-D tool. The end result was ditto as per the artist's impression - Commendable. A great human being who is patient, accommodative and does not mind the occasional whims and fancies :) of her clients. When guests mention good things about our home interiors, we get breezily sentimental and say a silent 'Thank you' to Neelu. Keep up the good work and thanks for being a part of our life.
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Дата проекту: Квітня 2014
This is has been a long overdue review for the person who helped us realize our dream of a cozy home…. This being our first adventure making house into a home( long due), we tried DIY initially and soon enough we realized we needed a professional to referee Padmini and me ( like I have a say..). We were looking for somebody with a modern view of design and yet make the house a cozy home. We found the person in Neelu. We had approached cozy interiors, after reading up the reviews on HOUZZ. From the first time we met her we found her to be approachable and understanding, she brought with her a style of patient listening and articulating our thoughts into a working design…she anchored the conversation, held us to our brief ( she has oodles of patience…) and brought in some sanity into the plan. The best part was she heard our needs and even though she had not tried some of the patterns she was open to experiment with it.  Plus the person she brought in, Mr Bhullan Ram ( Sharmaji) for the  execution part do a flawless work helped us realize our longstanding dream of a home….a cozy home…. If you see the final product you would realize she married the two worlds, clear lines with ethnic style. We keep getting complements for her work….thank you Neelu, 
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Дата проекту: Липня 2015
Hiring the right interior designer is the most important decision one needs to make while building a house , rather a huge house in my case. After working with a "big name" for the first few months, I very soon realized that I really need lot of hand holding to finish our dream house. And that's when my friend recommended Neelu. I decided to work with her within the first few minutes of our first interaction. Neelu was very humble, open-minded, keen to listen and there was so much of unexplainable positive vibes around her , I decided to go ahead. And I have never looked back since. Neelu has excellent and very classy taste. She loves to experiment with new ideas and she provided beautiful designs for different areas of my house while taking care of my "low-maintenance" clause in her designs. I also liked the fact that she tried to use extra left out materials. She got a beautiful console table done from leftover marble. Neelu is very methodical in her work. The 3D renders she shared and the final output were both in line. She took care of minutest details in her designs. She had to work on my home theatre design multiple times to cater to all the technical aspects and yet she showed the same vigor in coming up with the designs all times! She also has a great attention to detail. When she came on site visits, she would notice even microscopic errors and would ensure my contractor would rectify it. She always wanted the final output to be picture perfect! Neelu also helped me shop for every single item in my house. From doormats to artworks, she was involved in procuring and placing the items in the right places. I have lost count of the number of times she might have visited the site or stepped out shopping with me. From Hosur to Hebbal, market to malls, we both travelled everywhere in Bangalore to ensure we got the best. Neelu is also very knowledgeable and connected in her field. Based on your budget, she can send you an IKEA/Amazon link or she can connect you to someone who can make unique custom pieces. She will introduce you to her choice of vendors or she is more than happy to work with vendors of your choice. My experience with Neelu has been phenomenal. She has not just built a designer house for me, She has designed a home with emotions and character and also ensured the entire journey is full of good memories. Heartfelt Thanks to you Neelu!!
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