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Architecture Discipline is a multi-disciplinary design studio that explores architecture through the scales of Urban design, Architecture, Public art/Installations, Furniture and product design.

The studio is engaged in the design of building typologies such as town halls, hotels, schools, offices, residences, sound/ video production studios and the public realm through installations. The result of every commission is determined by a series of critical design processes that result in an architectural expression that is contextually charged & contemporary.

Buildings are integrated from conceptual framework to the tactile experience. The Studio innovates formal arrangements, engineering, m.e.p. services and building physics parameters in order to advance the principles of Sustainable Design that are visible in the overall expression of the projects.

Architecture Discipline believe in the advancement of regional forms of expression, In order to achieve this they engage in full scale mock-ups & long term material investigations. The practice is process guided & strives for programmatic & technical flexibility for the resulting construction.

A small practice that has been allowed creative independence by its clients.


“No one gets to vote on whether technology will change our lives.” Bill Gates

Physical space is bound by technical and economic parameters that exist at the time of its conception. Conventional building methods give in to these parameters, thus becoming resistant to manipulation. This however does not mean that we surrender to them & stop exploring advancements in our built environment.

A cumulative process of exploring the cultural-social-economic expression of the current times developing a mere function to a timeless expression. A process which does not oversimplify based on the idea of pure function but transforms into architecture as an expression of the emergent aesthetic of the global meeting the local, technology meeting art, hi-design and culture. We design with the experimentation of an academic studio merging theory & technology with everyday issues of program to generate an uncompromising architecture that is exciting and timeless. Our design approach encourages collaboration both within the studio and with consulting engineers and designers ensuring the final design is an intelligent & creative expression of the brief. ar·chi·tec·ture:

Design theory and intentions:

Metropolis beyond 2000: Mans natural habitat

Architecture must burn: this is how we live

Brave new world: climate change

Our cities are the manifestation of society, civil values, culture and are the heart of our economy. Cities have become our 'NATURAL HABITAT'. The relationship between the public and private domain is essential to our design approach. Buildings and their surrounding spaces should interrelate and define each other. The space between buildings influences the civic quality of the place. The building's scale and relationship with the street helps to encourage public activity and create a people-friendly environment. We strive to employ sustainable technologies keeping in sync with the environmental needs of the age to add value to the design rather than fall prey to short term trends. Just as functionality for us is a pre-requisite in the design process, conservation of energy also forms a part of the foundation in design. Economy of time, energy and money contribute to a lightness and clarity within the structure of our designs.

Buildings are like evolutionary environments, flexible, multi-utility spaces with large, well-serviced floors allowing a long life span for the structure. To facilitate this it is essential to create distinct served and servant spaces within a building. The technical services have a short life & need to be accessible for upgrades and maintenance, whereas the populated space has a longer life span. Our process of articulation of the services and core buildings creates a three dimensional language that is visually distinctive and allows integration of unpredictable technical developments. At the same time, we attempt to keep the experiential space as just that.

The creation of a physical realm that is durable and responds to the changing environment is takes its toll on the earth. The risk associated with climate change presents serious challenges to the world. Architects have a major role to play in this, given that 75 per cent of global energy consumption is produced by buildings and transport. Buildings must be designed to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. Not only by using renewable energy sources, but designing energy efficient buildings and cities that encourage biodiversity.

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 Winner Young Enthused Architect Award, Architecture + Design & Cera Awards 2014  Special Mention, Hotel Mana, The Recreational Architecture Award, , Architecture + Design & Cera Awards 2014  Winner, New Buildings in Emerging Cities, Hotel Mana, Emerson Cup 2014  Second Award in Mixed Used Building Built Category, Hotel Mana, Rethinking the Future Awards 2014  Winner, Retail Category, NeelSutra, IIID Anchor Awards 2013  Commendation, Hospitality Category, Mana Ranakpur, IIID Anchor Awards 2013  Award for Excellence in Architecture, Indian Architect & Builder, 2012 (Mana Hotels & Resorts Ranakpur)  Citation, Karula Varkey Forum, 2002 (High Courts for Ranchi)
U-18, Basement, Green Park,
110016 New Delhi


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