Unique roof structures

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Meera House, Guz Architects Guz Architects Будинки
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The structure of a home's roof can add so much personality and completely influence the overall design of a building. It can elevate the exterior of a home from the ordinary to extraordinary.

A roof structure can come in many styles, colours, textures, shapes and sizes. With some many options it's possible to create serous wow factor and grab people's attention before they've even set foot inside!

These ten unique roof structures should spark everyone's creative imagination!

Grass is greener

MEERA SKY GARDEN HOUSE Guz Architects Будинки

Love the look of nature and natural greenery? Why not bring the look of nature to a cool roof structure? That's right, bring a garden, literally, to the roof of a home for a very green look. The designer here chose to create several roof surfaces and cover them all with green grass. The first and lowest roof is completely flat and is a sort of balcony to the second story of the home. This area has grass, a tree and short shrubbery. Above this, the roof has a sloped effect that ends with another flat surface, smaller this time than the one below. Both of these create such a unique look, where the home literally blends into the gorgeous natural scenery.

Tiled flair

The vibe of this home has an oriental flair, thanks to the cool roof structure. The roof is a slim, flat structure made with neutral grey tones. The roof is set on wooden beams, two of them that continue to the front porch of the home. The home itself is also made of the same shade of grey stones. The roof extends a bit beyond the home, providing nice shade over the front porch area. This makes the home look charming and inviting. It looks extremely zen, as if one is entering a yoga retreat. This is a calming, perfect way to begin each day.

Seriously unique

Fishing Lodge, Bulgaria, Simon Gill Architects Simon Gill Architects Будинки

This cool roof structure literally looks like it could be a sidewalk from the top. The roof is a flat surface, and looks like a cool stone. The home is built into the the hills and looks one with nature, and also very modern. As the home is built into the hill, the roof becomes one with the hill itself. The roof then looks like a sidewalk against the grass on the top of the hill. This creates a really cool and interesting look, where it looks like you can walk along the roof of the home as if it were a common sidewalk. But there is nothing common about this really cool roof structure, perfect for those seeking something truly unique.

Tiki hut

Casa Altos de Trancoso, Vida de Vila Vida de Vila Будинки Масив Дерев'яні

Want to feel as if everyday begins in a tropical land such as Fiji or a magical far away island? Look no further than this cool roof structure that has an island appeal. The roof looks like it is made of natural materials, like grass and other tree materials, just like a lot of island homes. The roof extends to the balcony, perfect for sitting out on a warm day with shade. The roof is a semi flat, triangle shape, also giving a cool design to the home. Overall, this cool roof structure creates a fun atmosphere, as if one is living in a tiki-hut on a tropical beach.

Trianglular fun

Треугольный Дом из концептуальной серии "Чеснок", CHM architect CHM architect Будинки

This ultra chic and modern home is made unique due to the cool roof structure. The home is shaped like a 3-Dimensional triangle, made so by the roof structure. The roof is made of an industrial steel on the top, and a wood underneath that peeks a bit and adds lots of contrast and and texture. This combined textured look results in a very modern, sleek and industrial look. The roof structure shapes the home and is really noticeable and eye-catching. Overall this home is extremely unique and modern, thanks to the cool roof structure.

Bold colour

Play with bold colour to create a fun look full of personality for a home. This roof structure uses a bold and deep magenta colour to make an eye-catching look. The roof has a double effect to it, one on top of the other, making the look more interesting. The roof uses shingles for a textured look. Coupled with the brown wood of the structure of the home, the pattern of this home becomes rich in both texture and colour. The bold magenta of the cool roof structure is a win for individual personality.


This home is straight out of the future with a cool roof structure that looks like it comes from a geometry class. The roof is a flat triangle shape that slopes to the front, making it easier to see the style of the roof. The roof then has smaller triangles cut out, as a sort of skylight. The front cut out is larger, and then there is a smaller triangle to the left of the center. It doesn't end there, the roof also uses rectangles in shades of dark grey, against light grey, to add even more geometric shapes to the roof. The end result is a cool roof structure that uses geometry to stand out as an unforgettable home.

Spanish living

Casa Angra I, Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Будинки

This cool roof structure lends its design to a traditional Spanish home on the Mediterranean. However what adds even more personality to the home is there are really three separate roof designs. The main roof is the largest, covering the first floor as is slopes down like a ski slope. This shape gives a cool effect. Above that there are two dormer type structures, each with the same roof structure to match the main one. The colour of the roof is a gorgeous burnt orange, which looks glorious against the white of the home. Wake up everyday as if living in Spain with this cool roof structure.

Roof flow

The cool roof structure on this home is interesting because it flows right into the rest of the house, as water flows. The structure is made of grey stone slabs that are shapes as small squares. Texture is added with these tiles as there is a slight variation with the shades of grey of the tiles, creating a cool textured and checkered look. The home has a very distinct triangle shape which is also very eye-catching, with a large wooden structure for the front door area. All these textures lend itself for a very unusual look that will surely wow neighbors and passersby.

Leaf home

This home literally looks like a grand leaf with its cool roof structure. The home is super grandiose and has the unique roof to go with it. The center of the home has an ultra unique and eye-catching structure, as it looks like it is two leaf pods. The leaf pods are stacked one above the other. The bottom one has a green colour, while the top is more brownish. These natural colours makes the structure feel even more like leaves from nature, as they blend into the grass in front. The rest of the roof has a texture that looks a bit like water, going perfectly with the leaf/natural theme.

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