New heights: a rooftop apartment gets a Zen makeover

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The Spanish city of Zaragoza is known for its stunning landscape, abundantly dotted with gothic and Islamic architecture. But modern structures are making their presence felt in this city too, to appeal to the needs and wishes of the urban masses. And today, we are about to witness the metamorphosis of a dilapidated and neglected home into a contemporary yet earthy haven which promises comfort and pleasure. Though the rooftop of this house required special attention from the interior architects at La Pacera Estudio, the were crying out for some designer touches too. So the once old-fashioned and derelict abode is now replete with modish designs, updated fixtures and furnishing, and materials and hues which celebrate life. Intrigued to see more? Join us on a photo tour!

Before: the depressing rooftop


Prior to the renovation, the roof of the residence was almost in a state of ruin with dirty and chalky walls, a floor that oozed with neglect, broken tiles, and shelves which were falling apart. Pots and planters were scattered here and there aimlessly and the entire space lacked basic aesthetics.

After: a Zen rebirth


Rich and dark wooden planks now line the floor and the balustrades securing the periphery of the roof, for an elegant and neat appearance. The edges of the floor sports embedded lights and are surrounded by strips of white pebbles for a tranquil, nature-friendly effect. The stone Buddha completes the charming look of the revamped roof seamlessly.

Before: a sky-high eyesore


Before the architects got involved, edges were breaking off and the floor was very dilapidated. But the roof was big and spacious enough to create a comfy outdoor setting where cosy lunches and breezy dinners could be planned.

After: perfect for an open-air rendezvous…


The interior architects decided to make the most of the expansive roof by putting together an outdoor enclosure with wood and ample amounts of glass. Sliding doors now give you the freedom to control the amount of air, heat and cold pervading the enclosure while you unwind, chat and dine with your loved ones. Glass lets you enjoy both the sunshine and the rain when the mood strikes.

Before: shabby is the word


Before the makeover, the interiors were dull and in a sorry state. They lacked tasteful furnishings and needed some opening up for a bright and airy feel.

After: earthy and chic


Thanks to the architects, the indoors has now been merged with the outdoor enclosure on the roof, and exudes rustic elegance seamlessly. The wooden floor continues to weave earthy magic, while the large stones cladding the pillar augment the cottage-like charm of the space. A simple but useful cabinet in light-hued wood stands by to cater to organisational needs.

Before: mundane and cramped bathroom


The bathroom was a cluttered and cramped affair before, with grimy and old white tiles lining its walls and the tub. Exposed plumbing and old-fashioned fixtures didn’t do much to help. The shelves served functionality, but were taking up a lot of space.

After: clean, fresh with a hint of plum


The abundance of clean and smooth white along with clear glass has transformed the old bathroom into a sanctuary for daily rejuvenation. Sleek minimalistic fixtures are now the stars of this space, alongside the sensuous contours of the deep purple countertop. A slim wall-mounted shelf has now replaced the original cumbersome storage unit, and saved on precious floor space.

Before: dated and dull


Exposed pipes and wires, dated appliances, old boring tiles and clumsy cabinets marred the entire look of the kitchen. A whole new modern and stylish aesthetic was necessary for this space to keep up with the rest of the house.

After: intelligent planning works wonders


The makeover ensured that the old and drab kitchen becomes a modular delight, with adequate space allotted for all modern appliances. The numerous white and glossy cabinets make organising and finding all kitchen essentials a breeze. The bold yet elegant red countertop is a sleek affair with an embedded cook top and minimalistic fixtures for easy cooking.

This Spanish home is now a far cry from its former ruinous self, and has emerged to become a design and decor delight with the help of the right ideas, materials and textures. Sudden pops of colours and quaint dollops of earthiness make this abode stand out from the rest! Check out another home renovation success for more ideas: A home without style gets a spectacular revamp.

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