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Grand design meets family home

Leigh Leigh
House in Blair Atholl by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects Сучасний
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Today we are going to explore a functional and cozy family home of epic proportions. 

Adept at integrating subtle and sophisticated architecture into large, mansion-like homes, these South African design experts know how to achieve a healthy yet beautiful balance.

Situated in a large plot of land in the South African city of Johannesburg, we are going to see exactly why Johannesburg is nicknamed the city of gold. We are also going to pick up some fabulous design tips and stylish and trendy architectural tricks so that we can bring elegance and sophistication into our own homes.

Let's go and explore! 

The facade

From outside the home, we can see just how grand and sophisticated it truly is. 

A large paved driveway opens onto double garages on each side, while the main house is in the front. Not only is there plenty of parking for the whole family, but all the cars, bikes, skateboards and even surfboards are stored neatly out of sight thanks to the garages. This is a great investment for any home! It will also protect your items.

The home is diverse, dynamic, textured and layered. Glass panels give way to stone facades, which add different volumes and shapes. This is certainly a home with personality. Yet, it is still subtle, thanks to the very neutral colours and materials that are used here, compliment by green plants and bushes. This is an example of nature at its finest!

You'll also notice that the designers have included lots of soft lights throughout the exterior of the home, which gently enhances the entire facade. It also allows the family to see where they are going at night. Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern homes.

The back garden

From this side of the home, we can see just how grand and gorgeous it is. Spilling out onto rolling lawns, the home is made up of all sorts of layers and levels, which we only just briefly touched on when we looked at the front of the house.

This diversity is what creates very unique architecture, setting a plain home apart from an extraordinary home.

Do you see how the designers have used chocolate brown walls interspersed with stone walls to allow different textures and tones to work together? This works in perfect harmony with the black gable roof and the lush green garden that surrounds the home.

The trick is to take every detail into account!

A touch of personality

Remember that no matter what the latest trends are or what is in fashion at the moment when it comes to architecture or interior design, you want your home to be a reflection of who you are.

As we enter this home, we can see how the personal tastes of the inhabitants collide with the trend and style of the interior design of this home.

The designers have opted for the same neutral colours that we saw throughout the exterior. We can see wooden floors, stone walls and large glass windows and doors, which allow sunshine to flow in and throughout this space. These colours work perfectly with the grey furniture and grey walls. 

In the corner, however, we can see a sculpture that is framed by the glass window. This is a perfect example of how one's personal taste in art or decor items should be reflected in our homes – subtly and elegantly.

Open plan design

From this angle, we can see just how truly modern and spacious this home is thanks to its open plan design.

A living room, dining room and patio all open up onto one another, with thin glass doors separating the exterior pool and patio area from the interior section of the home. In this image, these doors are opened up, allowing each space to flow seamlessly into the next. Don't you think it makes the home look that much bigger?

These days, more and more people are opting for very transparent boundaries between the interior and the exterior spaces of a home. This allows people to enjoy the views and feel like they are outside regardless of the weather and to maximise every square inch of space available. 

Thanks to the design of this home, the pool area and patio are partially covered, which allows for this space to be enjoyed no matter what time of year it is. 

The media room

While every large home needs a more formal living room for entertaining, it also needs a more relaxed space where the family can kick back, watch Sunday night movies or read their books on lazy Saturday afternoons. This is also a space that we can have a little bit more fun with!

This more relaxed living room cum media room retains the same sophistication that we've seen throughout the rest of the home, while introducing a bit more colour and personality. The designers have chosen to pair neutral furniture with some bright yellow and green cushions as well as a bright yellow armchair and ottoman. How trendy and retro does this look?

They've also chosen to furnish this room with a large L-shaped sofa. While a very stylish piece of furniture, it's also the most practical in terms of what this space will be used for.

Have a look at this ideabook on creating your ideal TV room.

The bedroom

We end off our tour in one of the bedrooms, which is classy, chic and colourful.

This bedroom is the perfect example of how to style a space. The designers have gone for very neutral furniture including grey rugs, charcoal furniture and grey and white walls. However, they've then decided to add a bit of colour to the space in the form of rich purple cushions, flowers, candles and throws. 

This is a great and practical way to add a theme or colour to a room because it can so easily be changed. You also don't have to break the bank to mix things up a bit.

This image also reminds us how important natural light is. Opt for as many windows, doors and skylights as possible, without compromising on privacy, to truly open your home up. This is also a great way to enjoy those Canadian summers!

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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