10 of the very best garden awnings

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The sun's out so let's focus on what we can do to our gardens to get them summer ready. There's more to consider than just grabbing a barbecue as you'll need to ensure you have some shade for when the sun (hopefully) arrives. That's where big, beautiful and unusual awnings enter from stage left.

Take a look at the 10 awnings we've found as we're confident you'll find something that will not only work with your outdoor space but also add a new nuance of style and flair. There's no shame in being shady so let's take a look!

1. Small and simple

Let's start things off with a lovely and classic little installation that offers practical shade, good looks and quality craftsmanship.  Metal and canvas makes for a super elegant addition to this patio!

2. A private haven

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For the ultimate in garden relaxation, we love this enclosed gazebo, complete with a stylish tent-style awning. You can even close the curtains and be totally secluded. Perfect for a sneaky nap in the warm weather!

3. Perfect paper airplanes

The style game of awnings has definitely been upped with this amazing installation that looks like a giant paper airplane. With the strings being adjustable you could hang this in any outdoor space.

4. What a contrast

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The dramatic black awning looks exceptional against the rich red wood and adds an almost Japanese feel to the patio. What a great addition for a Zen garden, especially with some cherry blossom fairy lights!

5. Brilliant for balconies

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Don't fret if you've been lamenting your lack of outdoor space because you only have a balcony as this awning is especially for you. Turning your overhang into a secluded al fresco haven, you might not even need a bikini if you're feeling brave!

6. Big and beautiful

Swimming pools and awnings are the perfect partners as once you get out after having a dip, you want to be able to dry off and get into the shade to prevent sunburn. This huge, retractable white version is effortlessly elegant and would look great even attached to a contemporary build.

7. Just a slither

Simple shapes make for great awnings and this triangle not only looks fantastic, it also offers a practical way to install a useful corner of shade in any garden. Understated and simple to install, it won't detract from even the most well-tended borders and plants.

8. Extra special

For special occasions, such as weddings, nothing beats a fabulous awning that has been decked out in fairy lights and flowers. You might need to employ the services of a landscape designer to ensure it's erected in the perfect spot but it's definitely worth it!

9. Stretch that canvas

There's almost something arty about this fabulous awning, as though you could paint a stunning mural on the top of it. What an idea! Isolating a corner of outdoor space, this dedicated shady spot makes for perfect summertime dining.

10. Adjust and adapt

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We love the combination of classic styling with modern electronics in this automated awning. When you want to let the sunshine in, simply press a button, fold away the canvas and enjoy a simple pergola. For super hot days, with one press you'll have all the cool respite you need!

For more summer inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: How To Prepare Your Home For Summer.

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