A modern home of elegant luxury

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A modern home of elegant luxury

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by Chaney Architects Сучасний
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As the population of the world swells, space – especially within a busy, and extremely dense city – is ultimately going to come at an inflated price. This rings particularly true in India, where although it is the 7th largest country by geographical area, it is also the 2nd most populous country with over 1.2 billion people. With limited room to move, and cities becoming overwhelmingly crowded, it is refreshing to experience a dwelling that has the privilege of adequate space to construct an impressive and luxurious contemporary home. 

Today on homify we are travelling to Pune. As the 9th most populous city in India, and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra after the state capital Mumbai, Pune is a bustling West Indian locale. The dwelling in question, designed by the innovative team at Chaney Architects present a stylish and stunning modern abode, which boasts minimalism and chic elegance.

On an expansive plot of land, the designers have created a striking yet spacious dwelling: a refined home for those looking to live the high life in one of the world's busiest cities. So come with us, and journey inside an intriguing and lavish property, check out the images below, and get some inspiration for your abode!

Impressive scale and strong architectural lines

With an impressive façade and a welcoming interior, this house is definitely the cream of the crop in terms of its architectural nous. Supported by tall columns that span three large levels, each element and angle of this home has been considered in its approach, creating a highly luxurious and minimalist aesthetic. 

To the right of the house we are given a glimpse of the garden area that features under-lit stairs, and perfectly manicured lawn. The double-height glass entrance is astoundingly extravagant, and ensures the home is not easily forgotten. Let's take a peek inside…

A large double-height entrance

As we enter the home we're given a bird's eye view of the double height glazed entrance space. A real feature of the abode, this area comes replete with large sheer white curtains for privacy, a statement light fitting, and a visitors seating space. 

If you are considering refurbishing or rebuilding your home, ensure you seek professional advice before undertaking any significant works. Here at homify we have a range of architects that are sure to provide you with expert opinions and ideas.

Modern and contemporary family living

Within the living spaces of this home we are able to feel and examine the ambience and atmosphere by taking a look at the different pieces of furniture and stylistic options. Within the open-plan living quarters, the overall essence is one of a relaxing yet sophisticated nature. Comfortable sofas and a retro minimalist lamp present an inviting aura, while a separate bar at the other end of the room is the ultimate in home entertaining. 

Gallery interior spaces, and an eye-catching dining room

If there is one room within this house that truly exhibits a range of opulent and impressive vibes, it is certainly the dining room. Set up to host a large and luxurious dinner, this table is situated within the centre of the abode, making use of the double-height spaces. 

To ensure the internal areas of the home are well ventilated during the hot Indian summer months, extensive and powerful air conditioning has been installed. Upstairs, a gallery style walkway and mezzanine extends the feeling of space within the home, and works beautifully alongside the attention-grabbing staircase.

A minimalist eat-in kitchen

As a family friendly open-plan house, it makes sense that the kitchen continues this tenet, and presents a place where all members can come and gather or socialise. Here emphasis is on enjoyment of the space, with a large floating island that doubles as an informal dining area. 

Retro-inspired sleeping quarters

Within the bedroom we are treated to a slightly different aesthetic and ambience. Sure, the room is still adorned with the finest in décor and decorations, but in here we are also able to see the impressive retro furniture that gives the space its individuality. 

Mid-century modern in its appeal, the different pieces within the room ooze elegance and a refined sense of worldly style. A true standout in this space is the beautiful and regal combination of the blue feature wall with the dark timber flooring, which excels in creating an aura of luxury and opulence. 

A sparkling bathroom

What tour of a home would be complete without a quick peek inside the bathroom? This space certainly doesn't disappoint with an impressively large back-lit wall mirror, twin basin and vanity, earthy colour scheme, and all the necessary luxury trimmings. 

This dwelling is certainly a well thought-out and considered abode. Each element is refined and employed with a high attention to detail and precision. We hope you enjoyed checking out this home as much as we did! If you would like to see more, take a peek at: A magnificent house by the Ganges

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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