The Light-Drenched Essex Extension

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Adding an extension to a family home is not always as straightforward as it might first seem, especially when you want to create something striking, fit for purpose and light. Today's project made it look staggeringly easy though.

Far from detracting from the aesthetics of the original house, this new addition added a plethora of valuable space and raised the overall style exponentially. What's particularly notable is just how much natural light pours in so if you are thinking about approaching a team of architects to design you something beautiful, be sure to take a look at this first and go in armed with some great inspiration!

The extra touches

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It really is all about those small details when it comes to creating something that stands apart from the myriad of similar installations. In the case of this wonderful extension, we adore the sleek, vertical radiator that supports and amplifies the height of the space.

The proportions of everything feel long, lean and perfectly executed with one goal in mind: to look contemporary and easy to live with. The skylights are the real crowning glory and, with everything else emulating the size and dimensions of them, what's been created is the ultimate in luxury home additions.

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The perfect add on

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You can't deny for a second that this extension looks absolutely perfect against the fabulous family home that it's been added on to, can you? By keeping the styling simple and classic, it's made itself at home with ease.

Though the roof tiles and window frames have not been matched, the contrast looks great and helps to make a feature of the new extension rather than to trying to camouflage it. It's a celebration of newness and we find it refreshing.

Marvellous in monochrome

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What an absolute vision this interior is, thanks to the stark contrast of black structural elements and white walls. There is certainly no loss of comfort but what an amazingly contemporary aesthetic has been carefully crafted.

The full width roof window is an inspired touch that sees this room drenched in light and, by committing fully to the black and white scheme with statement contemporary chairs, this feels so cutting edge. Just look at how those window panes frame views out into the garden!

Fully integrated design

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New extensions added to the rear of a house are always a challenge to seamlessly integrate with existing spaces. Here, however, the previous rear wall was removed, thereby allowing for the newly renovated kitchen to step down into a fabulous dining area and it really works.

By keeping cooking and eating areas clearly marked out through the use of wooden flooring, there can be no guessing what happens and where, and we love the introduction of the warmer material on the floor and in the furniture.

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