Before and After: This Old House Got a Charm Upgrade

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Before and After: This Old House Got a Charm Upgrade

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by NonWarp Iндустріальний
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It's not often that we take a look at the 'before' pictures and acknowledge that we can see any potential in a property but today is the exception to the rule. A cute little character house, we think there is bags of opportunity for development and improvement and can't wait to how you what the team at NonWarp accomplished.

We don't think we have the vision of some of the designers that we showcase but today we are totally overwhelmed and confused by what the owners were hoping to achieve. But boy, does it look good! Let's take a look…

Before: So it has some roof space

by NonWarp Iндустріальний

Ok, this might be a valuable addition to a home and we can already tell that it is offering a lot in the way of amazing development potential but until that happens, it's simply an outside toilet for birds, isn't it? It's certainly not a dream rooftop terrace.

We really do see a great opportunity but then again, we've always been suckers for a bit of outdoor space and something a little more unusual.

After: Minimal and marvellous

by NonWarp Iндустріальний

Clean, fresh and self contained. These might not sound like the most dynamic of words to use but combine them all and you are talking about a wonderfully modern space that is super high-end and exceptionally covetable. Not to mention fantastically different, too.

Large open plan areas lead off to smaller modules of privacy and we are really loving the attention to detail. Just look at those half length curtains that keep prying eyes out but let sunshine in!

After: The grand atrium

by NonWarp Iндустріальний

Don't you agree that as we turn around and drink in this space from the other side, it looks like a phenomenal atrium in a grand house? We can't lie as we really don't know what this space is meant to be, function-wise, but whatever it is, we like!

Perhaps it's a large living room? Or it could be a mind-blowing cinema space? Either way, the proportions, materials and colours lend themselves to a natural and organic development that doesn't feel too convoluted, ostentatious or boastful.

Before: The signs were there

by NonWarp Iндустріальний

Admit it, you think this house is super cute already, don't you? We looked at this courtyard set up and couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement about how it would be transformed and we weren't disappointed in the slightest. If anything, we underestimated the team.

Though the paint is shabby and the corrugated roof panel looks appalling, just wait until you see the façade now!

After: So fresh and so clean

by NonWarp Iндустріальний

First things first, we love that the original windows have been left and it's so sweet that an extra one was used to replace the old front door. What a nod to how the house used to look. Secondly, can you believe this new look? Neither can we!

By adding modular sections to the top and coating everything in a bright white render, this is a totally new property. You can see the split levels inside but they are hard to fathom out and all that glazing is literally allowing light to pour in. While we love the property as a whole, we have to admit that we find it a little confusing. We're sure that after living here for a few weeks we'd get the measure of it so feel free to hand over the keys!

For more transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Before & After: Palace Gardens Terrace, London.

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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