10 laid back ways to give your home beach hut vibes

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Some celebrities might seem as though they are permanently on vacation but for the rest of us it's only a dream. Well, it was… until we started thinking about how we could make our homes feel a little less stale and a whole lot more seafront in style.

Creating a beach hut vibe in your home doesn't mean that you need to import a few tonnes of sand into your living room, though that's always an option if you like the idea. More practically, we think that certain materials and pieces of furniture can give you that holiday feeling and the best part is, you'll never get post-holiday blues!

1. Don't be scared of white

Pobble House Guy Hollaway Будинки
Guy Hollaway

Pobble House

Guy Hollaway

If you want to achieve the beach hut look you're going to need to overcome your fear of white interiors. Just painting the walls will work, as accent colours can be brought in with your furnishings, but you can't avoid it altogether.

2. Go all out with the theme

This is the scariest suggestion: painting your home so that it resembles a colourful beach hut. This is a bold move but you can't deny that this home from The Manser Practice looks like a very happy place to come back to at the end of a long day. Yellow is optional, so a more refined white and navy scheme would also look great!

3. Think about every room

Silversparkle Children's High Hut Bed Cuckooland Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка

Silversparkle Children's High Hut Bed


It's not just the main social areas that can take on a holiday hut feel. This delightful hut bed looks every inch the perfect beach retreat but your kids can sleep soundly in it every night. So cute for a nursery!

4. Get creative with driftwood

Vintage Hat and coat rack Seagirl and Magpie Коридор, коридор і сходиГачки для одягу та стенди
Seagirl and Magpie

Vintage Hat and coat rack

Seagirl and Magpie

It's one of those things that has become synonymous with the beach and driftwood is a surprisingly versatile material. Perfect for making unusual coat hooks or even shelves from, it really brings a bit of sea air goodness into your home.

5. Accessorise with some beachy colours

Porthleven LEIVARS Вітальня



All those extra touches that make a house a home are perfect for a bit of beach inspiration. Try to get cushions in natural colours that resemble sand and sea and for the ultimate touch, a striped blind will really turn your home into a haute couture hut!

6. Soak up some rays on sun loungers

If you're keen to make your whole home lend itself to the beach hut theme don't forget your garden. The perfect excuse to get some stunning sun loungers in, we think this is an investment you won't regret come the summer months.

7. Baskets and beach huts go hand-in-hand

Certain materials really make you think of the beach. For us, rattan does just that. A great material for making shabby chic baskets, we think they look fantastic in a bathroom and make for ideal soap holders.

8. Strengthen your al fresco dining game

Selecta HOME Будинки

Beach huts are all about getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors so creating a lovely patio where you can cook and eat is a good way to capture that relaxed holiday vibe. Barbecues can be an all year round treat if you enclose them!

9. Induce a little shed envy

If you're not keen on painting your whole house but you do like a nautical style, why not transform your bog standard shed into a miniature beach hut? A couple of hours spent painting will yield great results. Plus, isn't this one just adorable? At last, somewhere to store your wellies!

10. Wood, wood and more wood

Downland Shepherd Hut Nodmore Interior Downland Shepherd Huts Гараж/сарай
Downland Shepherd Huts

Downland Shepherd Hut Nodmore Interior

Downland Shepherd Huts

Wood will definitely need to be a key material in your interior revamp if you want to capture the carefree essence of a holiday hut. Furniture, wall cladding and even storage accessories can all be brought into play but if you worry about everything looking a bit samey, simply switch up the colours and varieties that you use. 

For more seafront home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Cornish Beachfront Beauty.

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