6 BIG Ideas for SMALL Indian bathrooms!

Anjena Pillai Anjena Pillai
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Black and White, you say?! No way! Break away from the conventional colour schemes when you think monochrome. The monochrome style is the use of a sole colour in decoration. Monochrome design should be carefully carried out in a way that it does not seem too overwhelming or overpowering. If you do not want to risk experimenting with big spaces, how about starting small? A bathroom is an ideal space to introduce the monochrome palette. It is one of the most used rooms in a home, so it is important to make it look fresh and clean. 

Here are some ideas for you to take inspiration from.

Muted tones

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One can never go wrong with a muted colour palette. In this example, the cream and brown work harmoniously well. The wooden accents instantly elevate the appearance of this bathroom. It gives a serene and calm appeal. 

Green with envy

ЖК "Эльстнор", Sky Gallery Sky Gallery Ванна кімната

The colour Green instantly brings a light and fresh look to a space. In this example, it is introduced in just the right amount. One side is covered in fresh Green mosaic tiles while the other side features subtle floral designs in light hues of Green. The lights overhead also feature a light green halo.

Click on this link for more ideas on various tiles. 



This bathroom instantly reminds one of vibrant and refreshing popsicles. The bright hues of orange and yellow on the bathtub and sink exude playfulness. Orange and Yellow belong to the same colour family, thus adding some vibrancy to this compact bathroom. 

This ideabook gives you more ideas on how to make the most of your compact bathrooms. 

Lavender Lair

ГЛЯНЦЕВЫЙ ВЫПУСК. ДИЗАЙН КВАРТИРЫ В МОСКВЕ, Volkovs studio Volkovs studio Ванна кімната

If you want soothing and feminine colours, what could be better than lavender? The varying shades of lavender used in this bathroom are in sync with the white patterned walls. Keeping it to a bare minimum, the lovely shade is introduced in the storage cabinet, drawers, and bathtub. The matching towels and flower arrangement further enhance its visual allure.  

Blood Red

Projekt mieszkania w stylu glamour, Katarzyna Wnęk Katarzyna Wnęk Ванна кімната Червоний

Bright pops of red are for the experimental and adventurous ones. The walls of this bathroom are painted in a bright hue of red. Mosaic tiles of the same shade are introduced on one side. The opulent white mirror on the wall, sink, and bathtub stand out against the red colour.

Hello there, Sunshine!

There's nothing better than being greeted by a cheery yellow colour in your bathroom, first thing in the morning. The sunshine yellow is introduced just on the walls while the rest of the bathroom is a calming white. 

Go ahead and monochrome your bathrooms!

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