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Traditionally, Indian homes always had floor seating. These days it's becoming a popular trend again. This is because floor seating allows for more versatility and can save space too. When you're seated on the floor, you can sit cross-legged or with your legs stretched out comfortably. Floor seating also saves space and money by avoiding the need for bulky, expensive furniture. Other than that, it's also a good idea for families with toddlers crawling around because with floor seating you don't have to worry about the child falling off the sofa.

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this idea guide. Let's browse through these ideas shall we?  


Ashleys Бунгало

baithak is a traditional Indian type of floor seating arrangement which is often made up of a special platform and at times some low-seaters, or cushions and mats. This type of suiting is suitable for both the outdoors and the indoors. Pictured here, we see a baithak positioned under a gazebo in the garden. 

Spherical seat

Rock and Snow Seating Sphere Mary Goodman ВітальняАксесуари та прикраси
Mary Goodman

Rock and Snow Seating Sphere

Mary Goodman

One of the best things about floor seating is that it comes in lots of unique styles and designs. The spherical seat pictured here is reminiscent of a bouncing ball, and can be used to train yourself into a better posture or give you some exercise while being seated. 

Bean bags

Bean bags are an excellent way of making floor seating super comfortable. The funky bean bags pictured here have a modular system of reversible and interchangeable covers. This way you can create multiple shapes and sizes of bean bags by combining them in different ways through zippers, depending on your needs.


homify ВітальняДивани та крісла

A futon is basically a foldable mattress that can be used for seating or sleeping. It's like a sofa bed without the bulky frame, hence it is multi-functional and highly space efficient. The comfy looking futon pictured here is available from Allnatura, an online shop based in Heubach, Germany. 

Seating platform

Various Shade Ideas Kemp Sails LTD Тераса
Kemp Sails LTD

Various Shade Ideas

Kemp Sails LTD

A floor seating arrangement looks the nicest when it has a proper seating platform. For example, the veranda pictured here has employed a beautiful wooden parquet platform with a shade over it to create a nice seating area. 


divan refers to a traditional Indian long, low sofa without a back or arms that is typically placed against a wall. It is usually adorned with colourful cushions displaying ethnic Indian designs. The hallway or corridor is usually a popular place for a divan. 

Eye-catching rugs

homify ІлюстраціїКартини та картини

If you want to bring attention to your floor space and create a funky looking seating area, consider using eye-catching rugs. You can pair it up with neutral coloured floor cushions to strike a balance. 


Invest in some low-seaters with ethnic Indian designs to add more character to your floor seating arrangement. The low-seater pictured here can also be used to store things inside it, and even as a table if you wish. 

Throw pillows

Cushions homify ВітальняАксесуари та прикраси



Add plenty of throw pillows in various shapes, sizes, and designs to your seating area to make it more cozy and comfy. This will also add plenty of colour and pattern to the space, creating a cheery place where you can indulge in hobbies like playing a tune on the ukulele or reading. 

A raised platform

la falegnami СпальняЛіжка та спинки

A raised platform can make floor seating more comfortable and convenient, especially for older people. Also, if you want to make your floor seating arrangement more modern and luxurious, consider using a stylish round daybed as a seating platform. 

We hope you've enjoyed this idea guide as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at 10 fantastic Indian outdoor kitchen ideas

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