Modern Minimalism Interior Decoration Ideas by Gurgaon Designers

HC Designs ВітальняАксесуари та прикраси Дерево Білий
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The concept of minimalism is en vogue. Modern minimalism's simple philosophy is to strip down anything from furniture, furnishing, art and artefacts to the architectural style and interior design that’s extra, to bring it down to its bare minimum. The professional interior designers and decorators of HC DESIGNS aesthetically imbibes the modern style intertwine with their signature minimalist style creating a stunning décor. The whole house's interior is characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and a monochromatic colour palette with soft pastel colours used in a restrained way through furnishing. The open floor plan, functional furniture focusing on comfort mixed with elegance, scope for lots of light in natural and artificial form, and the home decorated with just a handful of essential elements define the Gurgaon home. Have a look!

Honest style of the open-plan living space

HC Designs ВітальняАксесуари та прикраси Дерево Білий

Minimalist furniture and accessories of the open-plan living space focus on functionality, practicality and aesthetics. Every element is there with a purpose. The sofa's back partition the kitchen without erecting a wall. The multi-tone of grey builds up the décor. Clean lines of the kitchen cabinets, the sheen of the floor and the ceiling, lone painting on the clear wall, and the modern chandelier make a bold statement in the room's décor.

Sophisticated simplicity of the living room

HC Designs ВітальняАксесуари та прикраси Дерево Білий

Only the essential elements are used to design the living room. There is no excessive ornamentation or decoration. Just a floor lamp, vases on the circular coffee table, a modern chandelier in a clean circular shape, the solid coloured rug on the wooden floor, and uncomplicated design of the TV unit blend in harmony to set up the living room. The greenery of plants in the planters breaks the monotony of the monochromatic palette.

Modern elegance of minimalist kitchen

HC Designs Балкони, веранди & тераси Аксесуари та прикраси Дерево Білий

Flat, smooth surfaces of the handle-free kitchen cabinets in double-tone of grey make a bold statement in its minimalist style. Light fixed beneath the wall cabinet brightens up the counter-top and the backsplash made from the same material. Open-plan and the L-shape elevate the comfort quotient of the kitchen.  

Purity and simplicity of the Kid’s room

HC Designs Дитяча кімнатаАксесуари та прикраси Дерево Бірюза

The minimalist design philosophy effortlessly slips into the kid’s room décor. Bright and airy children’s gets a boost in style from its clean and uncluttered feel. Sofa-cum bed on one side, the study table on the other and the window seating arrangement with storage beneath it builds up a practical and functional room. The calmness of the atmosphere created through the minimalist approach is contagious.

Essence of minimalist décor on the wall

HC Designs Дитяча кімнатаСтоли та стільці Дерево Білий

The essence of the minimalism spreads on the wall décor of the kid’s room with a cartoon image decorating the wall, declaring to whom the room belongs. The designer has shown that you can decorate the kid’s room beautifully without any loud colour combination. It’s the pastel shades that brings elegant colour into the room.

Subtle texture of the minimalist study area

HC Designs Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка Дерево Білий

The subtle contrasting wall texture makes the study area come alive. The mix of blackboard and the wood cladding wall, the revolving chair, simple study table, book cabinet on the wall binds the décor. A yellow floor lamp adds the finishing touch.

Calm and serene bedroom

HC Designs СпальняАксесуари та прикраси Дерево Білий

A sense of visual calm and serene atmosphere is brought through the crisp, clutter-free, and monochromatic colour in the modern minimalist bedroom. The long stretch of light adorning the wall, the textured wall cladding, colossal glass window dressed in rich fabric and a beautiful chair with a side table with money artefact on it brings richness in decor.

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