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A Modern Home with Rustic Charm Coexisting Peacefully Amidst the Nature

N O T Architecture Sdn Bhd Терасовий будинок
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With an eye on the future, the professional Architects of N O T ARCHITECTURE SDN BHD, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, has done a fantastic job in house renovation. It was a dream for the house owner to get closer to nature and open up the enclosed space, creating a spacious home for the growing family. The designers made a significant renovation by opening up the walls by stacking up the bricks to make way for air and light, stealing space for a courtyard, and harnessing the rustic charm of concrete and bricks. The house is a harmonious amalgamation of modern and minimalism, strength, and intricacy that joins to create a cozy, comfortable family home.

Majestic Façade

The combination of red brick blocks, the sturdy concrete walls, and the lightweight blocks build up a majestic and welcoming façade of the house. The bricks are placed perpendicularly to each other so that there are gaps for air and natural light to seep but obstruct the direct view of the neighbours and passersby’s. Strategically placed garden lights wash the walls in a delicate glow.  

Designer’s wall for the dream house

The openness of the red brick wall gets carried into the interior of the home. The deliberately placed bricks with openings allow the flow of light and air but protect the house's privacy. 

A wall full of glass doors connecting inside with outside

Double height glass doors connect the living room with the courtyard and fill it with nature's freshness. The funky cushion covers thrown on the sofa brings a youthful vibe into the living space.  

A patch of sky in the internal courtyard

An open internal courtyard with an iron door on the terrace protects the house from intruders but let the freshness of nature and natural light flood the house. While revamping the home, the tree has been saved, which provides the colour and shade.

Modern bathroom with a rustic feel

The modern bathroom is designed to feel rustic, with concrete on the sink counter, the wall, and concrete slabs as the bathroom tile. The mirror hanging from iron doors covering the ceiling's opening adds to the bathroom's industrial feel. The sun window fills the space with natural light and fresh air. It's modern, minimalist, and rustic in concrete and industrial in iron.

Cozy corner in the courtyard

A wooden deck, small garden, garden furniture, and natural light flooding the cosy internal courtyard from above; it’s a perfect romantic corner for morning tea or late evening relaxation with a piece of nature amidst the concrete. 

Playful décor for the children of the house

Wooden wall with niches on it, a corner with chalkboard wall paint in black and white, the concrete floor covered with rug builds up a spacious play area for the house's children. The open plan and the philosophy of ‘less is more’ with the generous use of natural elements, natural materials, and conscious changes to bring in the natural light inside makes it a fantastic home décor.

Double height living room

Double height living room with high glazed glass fills the living space with natural light in the day and the shine of artificial light from the courtyard creating a stunning décor. The Illuminating colour of the sofa and the concrete floor makes the living room trendy in the Pantone colour of the year 2021.

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