15 Modern Colors for your Chic and Contemporary Bathroom

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When it comes to bathroom décor, it's the bathroom color scheme that makes or breaks the space's look and feel. The modern homeowners emphasize a chic and comfortable bathroom to relax and rejuvenate in privacy. Whether you prefer to cover the bathroom walls with tiles or decide to pick up the brush and paint it, the wall color sets the ambiance. The professional Bathroom designers are continually experimenting with creating the perfect color scheme. Step out of the comfort zone of predictable style. Check out these modern color styles to adorn your contemporary bathroom walls.

1. Sophisticated tone of natural stone

The natural tone of stone on the walls polishes off the sophisticated look. It gets complemented by the grey color on the ceiling and concrete floor, creating a soothing ambiance. 

2. Chameleon color of the bathroom

What's pastel in the natural light transforms its color like a chameleon in artificial light. The hidden light source's strategic position paints the bathroom wall in coral color while the rest of the area not lighted remains in pastel. 

3. Attention grabbing wood tone


Add a lot of funk in the bathroom with lines of wooden shade on the walls. The greens of the artificial plants on the wall further paint the wall to make it attention-grabbing for its funkiness.

4. Dark color of the chocolate

The dark fantasy of chocolate creates a rich décor making it a luxury bathroom. Match the bathroom cabinet to uplift the luxurious elegance of the décor.

5. Stormy blue

Brew up the storm in the modern bathroom with stormy blue on a portion of the wall. Balance it off with the calmness of creamy white and bask in the contemporary vibe of the space.

6. Bold and beautiful in black

The boldness of black, combined with the calmness of off-white and natural earthy tone, makes the atmosphere formal and intimate.

7. Luxurious golden hue

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The unmatchable luxury of golden hue spread across the bathroom wall brings a sophisticated feel and pleasant warmth. The yellow light will further enhance the shine and make it glow.

8. Pristine in white

The pure and pristine white color fills the room with a peaceful vibe and makes the space look bright and beautiful. It’s a perfect color for the small bathroom.

9. Natural color of the brick

The open brick wall in the natural color of brick looks chic and contemporary. If you are looking for budget ideas for a bathroom wall, then this one is for you.

10. Dark tone of grey

The modern color of grey is quite popular when it comes to the bathroom wall color. Follow the trend and cover the bathroom walls in the dark shade of grey and enjoy the elegance it brings into the décor.

11. Beaming in blue

Let the bathroom beam in a cheerful color of blue. The color blue has a calming effect on the mind and soul. It makes the bathroom feel like a spa.  

12. Peachy blush of beige

The blush of beige gets a boost with the dark brown on the adjacent wall. The two colors on the bathroom wall create a stunning style in the enclosed space.

13. Merging elegance of taupe

The earthy tone of taupe merges with the shine of blue, adding modern elegance to the bathroom.

14. Soft feel of the purple

The soothing calmness of purple is contagious. Paint the wall in purple and feel the cool and calm energy filling the space.

15. Creative shades of the same color

Different textures and three different shades of the same color bring in a rustic style in modern décor. The best thing about it is that the low maintenance will prove to be convenient for the bathroom.

Check out this ideabook for more bathroom wall ideas:

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