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2 Industrial zones 8. Accordingly, Da Nang has planned infrastructure of high-tech agricultural projects, reserved land fund and many attractive incentives to attract investment in this field. On the overall premises, the front house, the toilet and the back house are roofed with separate roofs

[96] In the central hut there is a tube of cards containing the cards. Meanwhile, Le Do cinema (the oldest cinema in Da Nang) and Cinema Fafilm are very empty because of the small space, poor sound and image quality. The parts of Thuy Son mountain (from left to right are the west to east parts of the mountain: the summit of Thuong Thai, the name Thuy Son (山水) of the mountain on the main up road, the Ha Thai peak as seen from Vong Giang Dai)

Lien Chieu University of Da Nang Public UFL Foreign Language University 1985 Q. As of the beginning of 2018, Danang had a rate of 17.49 doctors / 10. When Quang Nam-Da Nang province was established in 1976, Da Nang city became the capital of the new province, Hoi An fell into a period of neglect

This is a place of regular organization. performing traditional theatrical arts such as opera, reformed opera and modern theatrical arts such as dance, ballet, opera, symphony. Hai Chau Ministry of Public Health School is one of the specialized medical and pharmaceutical training institutions for the whole country, and is a public school belonging to the Vietnamese education system. [210] The theater maintains performances on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week

249 people, with other religions such as Master Guru with 53 people, Bahá'í with 34 people, Buddha Hoa Hao religion has 25 people, Islam has 19 people, at least Brahmin has only 9 people. Hoi An Restaurant VND 420 billion [132] In 2019, the city's economy only increased by 6 , 47% (the lowest increase in the past 7 years). [39] Traditional architecture A wooden walled two-story house with a balcony. The most common housing styles in Hoi An are one- or two-story townhouses with narrow width and very long depth. so the tube-shaped house

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