Create your own cosy kitchen in 10 steps

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We all know the importance of a home’s heart (aka the kitchen) and how it needs to be practical and stylish, etc. But how do you achieve a welcoming look? How do you implement a style that lets people want to explore your cooking space?

Well, according to first-rate Interior Designers/Decorators and Kitchen Planners, this is how…  

1. For your cosy kitchen: Declutter

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Kitchen Architecture

Kitchen Dining

Kitchen Architecture

Before you add so much as a teaspoon, consider making your existing kitchen more organised and clutter-free. Toss out every single sticky note, take-away menu, and messy looking pot and pan that adds to that chaotic look.

The more free space you have, the calmer the room’s vibe will be. 

2. For your cosy kitchen: Add nature

​Mouse grey structured lacquer kitchen LWK London Kitchens Кухня
LWK London Kitchens

​Mouse grey structured lacquer kitchen

LWK London Kitchens

Regardless of what colour palette you choose for your kitchen, there’s always space for some bright green plants. We recommend opting for hardy and low-maintenance plants (don’t forget about the herbs) in the appropriate spots (i.e. windowsill) to give your kitchen a literal fresh new vibe. 

3. For your cosy kitchen: Popping colours

White and Grey - Turqoise adds a bit of spice, Kitchen Co-Ordnation Kitchen Co-Ordnation Кухня Граніт Бірюза
Kitchen Co-Ordnation

White and Grey – Turqoise adds a bit of spice

Kitchen Co-Ordnation

Colour psychology tells us that red stimulates appetite. But if you’re not too keen on any of the red hues out there, consider splashing another colour one a wall to give your cosy kitchen some personality. 

homify hint: You can also bring in pops of colour via tea towels, decorative pieces, your kitchen bar stools…  

4. For your cosy kitchen: Pretty patterns

Bespoke Kitchen, Reeva Design Reeva Design КухняЗберігання
Reeva Design

Bespoke Kitchen

Reeva Design

While many kitchens trend toward a neutral look, the truth is that all that white, beige and light greys can look dull very quickly. But not if you include some enticing pattern somewhere (backsplash, anyone?) to add some playful colours and a heightened sense of style. 

5. For your cosy kitchen: New lighting

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Luxury Chandelier LTD

Classic luxury chandelier for kitchen island with decor and patina finishes

Luxury Chandelier LTD

You want your kitchen lighting, which needs to be layered, to add sparkle and life. Thus, consider adding under-cabinet lighting and upgrading your light bulbs (for example) for a more dazzling ambience.  

6. For your cosy kitchen: Upgraded fixtures

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Finch London Ltd

Belsize Park

Finch London Ltd

It’s the little things that count, isn’t it? Things like a beautiful new kitchen faucet that no linger drips; an elegant coffee maker; a modern smoothie to add some functionality to your kitchen… Just ensure you leave adequate breathing room (open space) in-between your new fixtures and appliances. 

7. For your cosy kitchen: Craft your counters

Many professional Kitchen Planners swear that counters is the one thing you should spend your renovation budget on. And they tend to love granite or classic soapstone to help transform a kitchen’s entire look.

What material (and pattern) would you choose for your updated kitchen counters? 

8. For your cosy kitchen: A floor rug

Project Ailsa Road, JURIC DESIGN JURIC DESIGN Кухня Кварц Білий

Project Ailsa Road


A charming kitchen rug will not only cosy up your cooking space, but will also boost comfort with its texture and soft underfoot sensation. 

9. For your cosy kitchen: Clean your sink

Nightingale Triangle, Clara Bee Clara Bee Кухня
Clara Bee

Nightingale Triangle

Clara Bee

Did you know the average sink tends to be one of the most germ-ridden spots in a home? That’s why we love the idea of sprinkling baking soda into our kitchen sinks and scrubbing it with a sponge drenched in white vinegar for a cleaner-looking, fresher-smelling kitchen.

10. For your cosy kitchen: Wall art

Timeless Appeal, Elan Kitchens Elan Kitchens Кухня
Elan Kitchens

Timeless Appeal

Elan Kitchens

Don’t be fooled into thinking wall art belongs in the living room alone. But be careful what pieces you choose. Food-themed prints and chalkboard paint remain trendy, but you could also opt for framed photographs or even a striking painting.

Just keep it away from spots prone to spills and splatters!

From one room to another, be inspired by these New bedroom lighting ideas by Luxury Chandelier.

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