Turn Your Ordinary Driveway into a Spectacular Entrance!

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Once in a while you need to make some changes around your home and often, this coincides with seasonal changes. This could mean a new colour on the wall, updating your technology and possibly adjusting your somewhat ordinary entrance. 

Are you looking for fun ideas to make a spectacular entrance? Then you've come to the right place!

In this homify ideabook, we are going to give you some examples and tips. One example is to consider a face lift for your front yard, choosing to install a beautiful pergola or paint your front door a striking colour. Who knows, you may stumble across many more fun ideas in the below examples. 

Stick with us and let inspiration unfold as we explore the photos below.

A small covered porch or veranda

We begin this ideabook with a concept that we frequently encounter when it comes to our porch

These are mostly small spaces with entrances that feature a step or two and some columns. Sometimes, the patios are even completely covered, which is possible when you have a front yard with plenty of space.

Do you have a small amount of space? Then just keep the patio small. Choose a small step. This may leave you with enough space to place a few pretty flower pots around the area or erect a wooden fence. 

Tip: Place wall lights next to your front door or dimming lights in the ceiling. We will discuss lighting more later, however.

Add plants


The facade as well as the front garden needs to be the show piece of your home. It's what people encounter first when they enter your home. 

An attractive and well-kept garden is also very important. You can choose to put all sorts of beautiful green plants in your garden, like in this design. Work with different heights when it comes to the plants, which creates a very dramatic effect due to its depth and contrast. Also opt for plants that have different shades and a variety of leaves. 

We can imagine that it may be difficult to implement a beautiful design in your garden. This is the reason why many people turn to the professionals. They have enough knowledge and experience to create a perfect picture when it comes to your garden.

Not keen on hiring a pro? Read these tips on improving your garden over a weekend.

A step or small ladder

We've mentioned it briefly before, but stepping stones leading up to your front door can really draw attention to your entrance and the facade.  There are several ways to achieve this, depending on your style. Do you want a modern or minimalist look? Do you prefer steel or concrete? Or if you like a more country look and feel, opt for wood or a light coloured stone. 

Remember that they also don't need to be uniform. You can select all sorts of different steps or stones. You can even choose different types of materials such as concrete, steel, wood or stone. 

Accent lighting

homify Будинки

Beautiful accent lighting is the ideal way to turn a regular entrance into a spectacular entrance. What's more is that it serves as a functional purpose for the exterior and looks gorgeous from the inside as well as the outside.

As for the type of lighting, there are so many different choices. You can opt for lights that are installed in the flooring, lanterns that are placed along the footpath or wall lighting. Or you can have soft lights in the ceiling, like in this design by ADI.

To determine which type of lighting is best suited for your entrance, think about what purpose you want your light to have. Do you want to have an illuminated path so that people can easily find your front door? Or do you want to enjoy the view of your garden when night falls?

Generally you want lighting that is going to soften the nature around you as well as enhance the facade.

Have a look through the homify exterior lighting products for inspiration.

A pergola with plants

How romantic is the pergola! A pergola is a simple construction of poles with multiple cross beams. They are often stand alone elements, but they can completely enhance your home. 

Choosing the material for your pergola is really dependent on your personal taste, but keep in mind that each material has pros and cons. The most common materials are wood, plastic and/or aluminum. 

If installing a porch is too expensive then you can give your pergola a roof. If you choose a roof for your pergola that is made of transparent plastic, it gives you the comfort of a veranda with the openness and transparency of a pergola. 

Remember to plant different plants and flowers on your pergola. Some good plants are climbing roses, grapes and wisteria. 

Have a look at this: Step-by-step guide for building a pergola.

A modern landscaped garden path

 No entrance is complete without a perfectly landscaped garden path. Whether you love a natural, rural, rustic, modern or minimalist style, there is a beautiful design for every taste. 

Do you have a garden that slopes or is made up of different heights? Not a problem! You can use little ladders or stepping stones to handle the landscape. Choose a winding path of gravel or go for fixed tiles. The possibilities are endless!

Striking colours or materials for the wall and front door

Another option is to choose bright colours or materials for the facade. This is an ideal way to create an eye-catching exterior! 

You can go for a dark door that contrasts with a light wall, or vice versa. You can also opt for contrasting materials such as steel and wood. Your entrance is guaranteed to stand out here.

With this last idea, we have already come to the end of this inspiring ideabook. We hope that we have helped a little so that you can dive into improving your entrance area.

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