11 easy ways to make the bedroom super cosy

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In today’s hectic world, most people are no stranger to the prospect of a sleepless night or at least the difficulty of drifting off to dreamland. Indeed, sleep requires the delicate balance of relaxation, security, and clear-headedness. What people may not realise is that the nature of good sleep also involves many subtle environmental factors. 

If the bedroom is chaotic or untidy then it will certainly impact your ability to get a fully restful sleep. When there are overly stimulating elements present, like electronics or bold wallpaper, the struggle can be magnified. Luckily, there are easy ways to get a good night’s sleep, and many aren’t as obvious as you might think.

Quiet and calm

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Naturally, a room that is void of too much stimulation will result in better sleep. Keep the décor simple and minimal here. Opt for calming neutral tones over brighter ones. 

We love the monochromatic look of this bedroom by he.d. creative group. Remove televisions, computers, and even cell phones for a more restful night of sleep if you can.

Put a word on it!

The words you say to yourself—and surround yourself with—before bedtime can have a huge impact on your mentality. Add some cheerful wall decals filled with positive and soothing phrases. These will help you to shift your mind set to more pleasant topics right before bed. 

We all can attest to falling victim to the constant barrage of anxious mental chatter right as the lights go out. Don’t let that be you; get some wall decals!

Blend some textures, already!

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There’s nothing like retreating into a cosy next of different pillows, blankets, and throws on a rainy Saturday or after a long day at work. Mixing a multitude of different textures in the bedroom will help to make a more inviting, snuggly space. 

This advice doesn’t have to stop at the bed, either. Feel free to add textiles like drapes or area rugs to the mix as well.

Pretty in patterns

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Before we go shunning all patterns, we must recognise that some can actually be rhythmic and soothing. 

All we suggest is that you pick wisely when decorating your bedroom with patterns. Choose styles that are delicate and not overly extreme. Designs that resemble patterns occurring in nature are always a good choice.

Cool colours

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While neutrals are certainly comfy and cosy, they aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to the space, let us suggest that you select cooler colours like blues and greens instead of warm ones. These are much more likely to provoke feelings of tranquillity and will help you to unwind at night.

Add a bit of nature!

Oakland Bedroom Collection The Cotswold Company Спальня Дерево
The Cotswold Company

Oakland Bedroom Collection

The Cotswold Company

In addition to cool colours, elements from nature are closely linked to increased concentration and heightened relaxation. Both of these things are useful when attempting to fall asleep. 

Try adding some plants and wooden accents to the room. Even images of nature can have these effects, so feel free to add some nature-inspired artwork, too!

Make yourself a grown-up bed fort

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Most of us can attest to the days of making forts and having slumber parties as children. There was just something so safe and soothing about retreating behind a wall of blankets. While we all grow up someday, this feeling doesn’t ever really leave us. 

For a cosier bedroom, add a canopy to the bed! It is a luxurious variation on a favourite childhood pastime, and it’ll help remove some of the visual stimulation in the surrounding bedroom.

Make things personal

Another way to make the bedroom feel cosier is to make it feel like it’s truly your own space. It’ll become a personal retreat with the help of the right accessories and decorations. Surround yourself with images, colours, and textures that you enjoy. 

One of the best parts of the bedroom is that it’s one space in the home that is truly your own. Don’t shy away from incorporating that poster or quirky decorative piece you found at a flea market into the look.

Clutter, be gone!

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Lots of people can attest to the fact that cleaning is one of their favourite forms of procrastination. That’s largely because cleaning is a justifiable use of time, and it can actually help create an environment that is more conducive to focus and calm. Keeping the clutter out of the bedroom will certainly help to eliminate some of the mental chatter you experience before bedtime. 

Not sure how to cut down on the excess? Consider opting for one of these beds with built-in storage beneath the mattress.

Go shabby chic

The Old Post Office , A1 Lofts and Extensions A1 Lofts and Extensions СпальняТуалетні столики
A1 Lofts and Extensions

The Old Post Office

A1 Lofts and Extensions

To give the bedroom a lived-in feel with the right kind of personality, consider going shabby chic. This look involves incorporating antique items and rustic finishes into the decorative scheme. 

If you’re not sure how to do the whole shabby chic thing correctly, have a look at the image featured above. Just a touch of exposed brick coupled with an antique desk will do the trick!

The powers of a good headboard

One of the best places to incorporate some colour and vibrancy in the bedroom is with the right headboard. The headboard can stands as the natural focal point of the bedroom, so let it speak for itself! Plus, the addition of colour via the headboard won’t disturb you while you sleep because you’ll be facing directly away from it whilst in bed.

Want some more sleepy tips? Check out these tips for creating a romantic bedroom!

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