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The cool grey home with a plush interior

April Kennedy April Kennedy
by FAARQ - Facundo Arana Arquitecto & asoc. Сучасний
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Spacious holiday homes have their own very particular requirements. They often play host to multiple social events, from intimate family getaways, to large extended social gatherings and more private retreats for couples. They may even be used at times for permanent residence. This means they need to be flexible spaces with just the right amount of private and public spaces. They should also, above all, be places with a relaxed ambience and an easy, holiday feel.

So today, we will explore a forest retreat that manages to possess all the elements of the perfect holiday home. It comes to us courtesy of Faarq Architects and it is located in Argentina. The building encompasses 180 metres square and a grand 380 metres square if you include the outdoor spaces. So, without further ado come with us on a photo tour to explore more!

Raw materials

The exterior is clad in three different materials – masonry, raw concrete, and wood. Each material completely covers each surface and meets to create a geometric harmony. It is a contemporary home with partially suspended columns and a broad, expansive feel.

Abundant outdoor areas

Extensive outdoor areas are a must for any holiday home. They create room for young and old to roam, experience a sense of freedom and connect with natural elements. The expansive back deck here creates access to the pool and extends the interior’s square footage to the outside. The outdoor entertaining areas also include multiple terraces, a barbecue grill, river dock and patio spaces.

A welcoming entrance

The entrance is distinguished by golden timber decking and an open, welcoming feel. On our left, we have a small Zen-like pebble garden. This creates a focus for the interior views and softens the transition to the outdoor area. Note the opening on our upper left, we will explore that from an alternative angle in a moment.

An open facade

The open facade is composed of a series of openings and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. These allow the sun to penetrate the interior throughout the day and open up the visual flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This, of course, increases the sense of spaciousness in the home.

Earthy open-plan living space

In the living room, we have the same natural materials we saw earlier. The raw concrete ceiling, concrete walls and timber features create a very earthy, rustic ambience. The dining area, kitchen and living room has been designed with an open-plan layout, and this helps create the easy and sociable atmosphere so important in a home built for entertaining.

River views

In the living room we explored a moment earlier, we can rotate to enjoy the river views. The property has direct access to the river and its' own dock for possible boating excursions. A glass corner allows for unobstructed views of a river and with the furniture is arranged so as to enjoy the contemplative benefits of such a space. Although the basic design is contemporary, the earthy decor means that it's a flexible base in which more classically designed furniture can fit seamlessly.

Private bedrooms

The property has three bedrooms and these have all been located on the upper floor. This allows for a perfect separation of private and public space. It also ensures that some occupants can enjoy peace and solitude while others may enjoy the more sociable areas downstairs. Here we have a sense of how different these two spaces have been treated. On our right, we have the bright, open and spacious feel of the wooden staircase and banister and on the left we have the, rather more private, hallway leading to the bedrooms.

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