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This state-of-the-art and luxurious home, designed by the talented architects of Structura Architects located in Madaluyong, is everyone's dream. This elegant house is decorated in exquisite style with decorative elements that reflect the simplicity of the Scandinavian style in an elegant and impressive manner. An original color palette has been used within the house, which provides the perfect backdrop for its eclectic collection of furniture, furnishings and decor pieces.

Professional designers, color experts and decorators have combined their creativity to sketch this future home, but home owners have the last say in making changes so that it can meet the needs of the family's current and future needs. Architectural design is the first step in house planning and a sketch of the house gives them a complete idea of ​​the floor plan, rooms, doors and windows, walls, gardens etc. The advantage of such an detailed design is that it can be added or subtracted, changed or modified right before the house starts construction and it will save trouble and money in future. With help of professional home builder like Structura Architects the home owners will be able to understand well the requirements of the future home.

1. Front porch and garage

The modern construction style that has been adopted for this home is made with a mix of natural and artificial elements. The large size entrance door and garage are the distinctive parts of its front facade and a slanting roof has been used over the porch to maintain natural light. The small garden with lawn before the porch has created a charming aura which suits the color palette of the brown facade.

2. Lateral view of facade

This picture gives kerbside view of the house and its beautiful garden. The hedges on its side mark the property boundaries without the need for a boundary wall. The pulled back curtains give teasing glimpses of the house's interiors which seems to be decorated in eclectic style with minimalist decor. The exterior profile depicts a house of minimalist sensibilities where focus is on comfort and not on ostentatious decor. 

3. Rectangular garage

The modern garage has stylish brick walls for a touch of rustic warmth and though it is open it protects the car from natural elements. A door in its rear side opens into the mud room beyond if one does not want to walk into the living room. The wide steps leading up the porch and living room beyond act as subtle dividers to separate the home from the street level. 

4. Modern living room

The beauty of minimalist colors are those magical solutions that can create the illusion of spaciousness inside a small living room. This lovely Scandinavian style living room is an enchanting mix of beige and white with a light beige sofa adorning the white floor and decorated with light furnishings. The soft ceiling lights create an aura of magical warmth with low glass topped tables and plain curtains on either side. The artistic dip in the ceiling divides the open floor layout into two parts in which one region is dedicated to living room and other section encompasses a dining area and kitchen. 

5. Dining area

Lighting plays a major role in defining each area and is especially used in multipurpose areas where several sections are adjacent to each other in the open floor layout. In this dining space the lighting plays a role in determining the boundaries of each square. Here, for example, yellow light has been used in the dining area with pretty cane chandeliers and in the meeting where guests are cared for, the bright silver light keeps it aglow.

6. L shaped built in kitchen

Looking at this image it is difficult to find out where the dining area ends and where the kitchen begins as they flow together as one whole function-able space. There is a slight difference between the furniture and the rest of the elements in both the parts, thereby highlighting the difference between the two. Another great way to separate a dining room and kitchen adjacent to each other in an open area is by use of color hints and furniture. Here a single color theme was used for the entire region to make maximum use of available space and the galley style kitchen in white and grey adds aesthetic value to the home.

7. Master bedroom

The bedroom here is every bit soothing and delightful and symbolizes the essence of Scandinavian serenity that is the design of this abode. These soothing colors of furniture and bed linen invite deep sleep as they they create a natural and happy atmosphere.

8. Guest Bedroom

The most attractive feature of this guest bedroom is the large window on either side of headboard which bring in light and fresh air. The view makes even its narrow rectangular layout seem large and spacious.

9. View of way upstairs

In this, we get a glimpse of the dining area and view unintentionally gets attracted towards the stunning wooden staircase. The wood and glass railings further highlight the beauty of this staircase and the focused light also exposes the artifact adorned on the wall. The rectangular dining table and decorative chairs of this house have been specially made of rosewood and the chairs are also padded to make them comfortable.

10. Childrens bedroom

By looking at the simple layout and monochrome color palette of the room one can imagine the detailed thought process that has gone into designing it. A in wall study table has been used to save the floor area, exemplifying a balanced and sensible design idea.

11. Rear garden and porch

The rear facade of this house gives us a glimpse into the little details that have been used to make it stand apart from others in the neighborhood. In this picture one can see how natural lighting keeps it bright and warm from the roof to the front courtyard. The lateral elevation is paved with wooden planks to keep it dry and the driveway is paved with grey stones. The outline of this house has been designed in such a way that it is always sparkling day or night.

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