Why offices need plants – A commercial indoor landscaping guide from Pune professionals

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Indoor plants not only make homes refreshing and attractive but also offer multiple benefits to offices. From brightening up the interiors and purifying the air, to improving mental wellbeing and productivity, potted plants and other green accents have many advantages. The interior landscape designers at Interioforest in Pune are experts at adding life to commercial spaces with biophilic landscape designs, attractive plantscaping and indoor garden maintenance services. They use beautiful planters to enhance workspaces and also offer clients the cost-effective option of renting plants. Their range of services also includes setting up living walls. In this article, we learn more from them about the benefits of commercial indoor landscaping. 

Increasing creativity and productivity

Adding greenery to contemporary office interiors not only helps to improve the indoor air quality but also brightens up the space with a pop of colour. Decorating the office with plants can inspire creativity among the employees and help them to focus better on their tasks.

An image boost

Indoor landscaping can create a good impression about the company and brand. For instance, the type of plants or greenery chosen for the indoors can make either a classy statement or a funky one, depending on the type of business. Plantscaping can also indicate professionalism, progressiveness, sustainability and a nurturing attitude. For instance, a chic white planter set atop a cubicle divider refreshes the space, provides a motivating environment for the employees and makes a positive impression on visitors – all this without interfering with the layout or furniture arrangement.

Bring in more business

This workspace clearly shows how neat planters positioned at the eye level, and all around the cubicle, lend visual appeal and increase engagement. It is an excellent way to attract clients and persuade them to linger and discuss ideas. An environment that appears lively and refreshing gives the impression of an energetic and enthusiastic workforce.   

Enhancing the ambience at workstations

In this bright white and trendy office space, we can see how potted greens of various shapes, sizes and textures add drama to the sleek furniture and setting. They liven up the brick-finish feature wall as well. While small planters enhance the look of the simple shelf, tall and earthy planters define the work desk nicely, boosting the energy in the environment as well as the morale of the employees working within it. 

Helping employees connect with nature

When an office or workspace is filled with greenery, it serves as a reminder to everyone working in it to care about nature. Employees will grow to appreciate the refreshing environment and learn to take care of the plants on their desks. Moreover, plants can help to keep the space cooler during hot summers, thereby improving the mood of the employees. 

A great way to conserve energy

By setting up a green wall or a creative partition that features plants of various types, it is possible to control the amount of sunlight and heat that enters the office. As a result, air conditioning costs will reduce. In winters, the green walls can also protect the interiors against cold winds. 

Help to highlight important areas

Indoor greenery can stylishly highlight entrances or reception areas, as seen in this image. A sleek white planter with lush plants defines the reception desk done up in white laminate and glass. Circular planters placed all around the office, catch the eye too and encourage visitors to step in to explore the office.

Before setting up plants in the office, it is advisable to consult a professional interior landscape designer. Besides advising you on the ideal design, plant types and arrangement that will suit your office layout, brand image and the existing architecture, the professional will also share tips on daily maintenance to ensure that the plants look good even after several months. 

For more plantscaping ideas, read how Interior landscaping refreshes the environment in a modern office in Pune.

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