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Is your bedroom ready for a makeover? If yes, you may want to transform it in a beautiful country chic style. Country often brings up images of rustic, basic and rough edges, but it can be stylish and snazzy as well. You can style your bedroom in various possible ways to suit your likes and preferences and yet retain an earthy and chic style. Right from the overall theme to the wall paint to the furniture and accessories – you can revamp your bedroom from scratch to make it dazzle and shine. Sleeping will only become an excuse for you to spend more and more time in your stunning bedroom. Go ahead and take a look at some of our ideas to help you transform your bedroom into your favorite spot at home.

Use wood

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Wood adds a rustic appeal to any room. You can opt for a bedroom design that uses wood both on the floor and walls. The furniture and accessories in the room can also be selected to complement the overall wood look. Vitrified floor tiles also come in wooden finish designs. This option is best when you want to maintain the wood based theme along with ease of maintenance. For the classic wooden appearance, you need to either go for a complete wooden floor panelling or wooden laminates. Though this may need more care and attention, the look it renders to your bedroom is worth all the effort.

Change it into white

White represents peace, calm and tranquility. A white bedroom gives an impression of just that if done up well in whites. White tiles, white paint, white ceilings and lighting, white furniture and white bedding together weave a breathtaking bedroom. Though you maybe tempted to think that only bright colors work well for your bedroom, the truth is far from that. White rooms are tougher to maintain but that is the only challenge to be tackled. You can even opt for minimal accessories in bright colors for the room to create a beautiful contrast of colors and white. 

This ideabook on stunningly white bedrooms will give you some food for thought before going ahead with splashing your bedroom with white.

Think about a fireplace

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Fireplaces are normally found in the living room or study. You can get innovative and even think about installing one in your bedroom. There are many modern fireplace designs available to choose from nowadays. You can select one that will blend in with the rest of the decor and give your bedroom a complete transformation. The smell and the crackling sound from the burning firewood would most certainly create an entirely unique experience as you curl up in bed or lounge around in your bedroom.

These fireplace ideas will help you get a sneak peek into the myriad options available.

Choose a theme and make it the new guideline

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Deciding on and sticking to a theme while doing up your bedroom will definitely leave you with amazing resutls. When you choose a theme and make sure everything in the room is in sync with that, you will get a perfectly coordinated bedroom. A floral theme in this bedroom for example, begins from the brightly colored floral pattern of the bedspread and pillows and goes all the way up to the large picture frames on the wall. Overall the room adopts a minimalistic design, further highlighting the theme.

Scottish tartan

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Scottish tartan furnishings and bedding sets in the bedroom can create a mesmerizing effect on you, literally giving you a feel of the Scottish Highlands. The woollen texture of the bedspreads, pillow cases or quilts will only add to the coziness you would expect your bedroom to create for you. If you decide to go for this option, you will be floored by the number of colour combinations you have, to select from. You can get some nice bold and bright colors for your bedroom and make it the focal point of the room.


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A canopy for your bed will make your sleeping experience so much more special. It is a different feeling to sleep with delicate flowy curtains creating a soothing enclosure for you. A canopy above you creates a cozy and comfortable feeling of warmth and protection. Make sure you select very light, breathable materials for your canopy. Also stick to lighter shades of colour and make sure the supporting canopy frame is sturdy enough and easy to use.

The colour of nature

Nature is a canvas of a plethora of colours. Bring in the best colours of nature into your bedroom and give yourself a beautiful bedroom. Go for potted indoor plants, let natural light flow in via blinds or sheer curtains and you can even have your bedding and curtains in colorful natural colors. You will love this nature inspired theme for sure and waking up each morning to such beauty will be an amazing experience without doubt.

Follow our suggestions above and you will be a proud owner of a chic bedroom that you will fall in love with. Go ahead and transform your bedrooms from what it is now to the bedroom of your dreams.

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