A Modern Mumbai Home Promising Simple Joys

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Mumbai is home to teeming millions who have dreams of achieving the best in life. Naturally the dwellers of this magical and expensive city try and incorporate small but meaningful luxuries in their lifestyle, to say the least. And this is what gets reflected beautifully in the abode we are about to explore today. This contemporary, simple yet stylish residence belonging to the Kanjianis, is a neat, uncluttered and breathable sanctuary. The love that the owners harbour for unpretentious aesthetics and simple comforts will become evident once we begin our tour. Soft muted tones and clean lines are the highlights of this property, rendered by Neha Changwani, interior designer and decorator from Mumbai. So let’s take a closer look and get inspired!

A cosy and serene living space

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Tones of beige, cream and pale green greet us when we enter the soothing living area. The large window features floor- to- ceiling drapes which make the room appear taller and more spacious than it is. During the day, the lacy sheer white curtains with self prints let in diffused but ample sunlight for brightening up the area. The heavier drapes are drawn after the sun goes down, and they complement the refreshing but neutral colours of the walls too. A three seater couch sits opposite a matching pair of single seater couches, with a straightforward coffee table in dark wooden and white hues. The space is perfect for long chats, idle reminiscences and lazing about after a hard day at work.

The union of art and functionality

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A closer look at the coffee table reveals that it’s not just a table, but a smart storage hack too! A drawer slides open for you to arrange newspapers, magazines or books in a methodical manner. The sofa sports broad wooden armrests to enable comfortable seating, along with a trio of plush cushions. The cushions are in an elegant bronze tone and exhibit a light velveteen sheen, which lends an understated aura of richness. The focal point of the room is obviously the set of framed artworks depicting the Buddha. Focused lighting above the artworks enhances the tranquil vibe permeating the room owing to the paintings.

Dining and entertainment come together

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The dining table set is a simple but modish affair, and crafted from solid wood. It sits close to the media zone, where the television and storage cabinets are all wall mounted to save on floor area. A fashionably backlit dark wooden panel houses the sleek TV and is a true expression of minimalism. The floating set of drawers share the same wooden tone and provide ample space for storing remotes, DVDs, batteries, and more. Two small artworks adorn the wall adjacent to the dining table and garner rightful attention thanks to focused lighting.

An unobstructed view

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Here you can appreciate the open plan layout of the home, whereby the dining area looks over the living space in almost an unhindered fashion. Clever concealed lighting used on the ceiling is the only aspect which subtly demarcates these two zones. It is easy to make out that the dining table, coffee table, and the cabinet on the left exist in harmony, owing to their similar use of white and wooden hues. The living room sofas complement the dining room chairs too. So there’s an all encompassing sense of design and decor continuity, which is hard to miss!

A touch of quirk

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The chairs in the dining space deserve a special mention. They are made of dark natural wood, and partially upholstered with a sober fabric which is a mix of beige and bronze or brown. Thus, cosy seating has been ensured, but with a unique touch! It makes us realise that the owners love to express dashes of fun here and there.

This smart and extremely liveable Mumbai abode is a quiet but sophisticated celebration of simple designs which leave their mark for generations to come. If you are still looking for more inspiration, here is another home tour for you - The Most Amazing Small Apartment You Will Ever See!

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