Using Interior Landscaping to Make a Home More Productive – Ideas from a Designer in Pune

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With working from home becoming a new way of life for many professionals, it is essential to make the study or home office more productive and organised by creating a refreshing setting filled with positive energy. And, what better way to ensure it than by introducing indoor plants? Greenery can purify the stale indoor air, boosting one’s physical and mental health as well as happiness. Being close to plants can reduce stress, tiredness and improve the mood as well. In dry climates, plants can also help to humidify the interiors. Touching foliage can soothe the mind and increase the clarity of thought. To inspire you to add plants to your space, the interior landscape designers at Interioforest Plantscaping Solutions, Pune present some fantastic ideas. 

A lively background

In a spacious and modern home office, setting up an elaborate rack to accommodate multiple planters is an excellent idea. It can make for a refreshing background and hold pots or planters of different sizes. Installing open racks or shelves will also allow light to pass through easily, creating a cheerful atmosphere. 

To brighten up a dull space

Plants not only boost overall wellbeing and creativity but also add colour and personality to dull environments. Here, the cane and wood planters complement the white tones in the minimalist study room, adding warmth, while the plants refresh the space with a splash of greenery. The sleek furniture pieces complete the look.

A beautiful green corner

If there isn’t enough space to fill the home office with potted plants all around, choose a corner and make it beautiful. A tall potted plant in a pebbled bed, accompanied by cute little pots, create a serene image that can relax the mind and body. The brick-red wall and the adjoining textured wall join hands to offer the perfect background. It is an ideal meditation spot where one can channel thoughts and refresh one’s energy. 

The magic of a living wall

Rows of lush potted greens are often used to create a vibrant living wall in the balcony. The idea can be extended to a workspace that is close to a balcony or terrace. Different shades of green lend visual layering and can relax the eyes when it’s time to take a break from staring at the computer screen. Moreover, the greenery will cool the air that flows into the room. 

Keeping things simple

If a formal look is preferred for the study or home office, then go for simple yet elegant planters of different sizes as seen here. The small ones can liven up the desk surface while the bigger ones can make a corner cosy and peaceful. 

Optimising vertical space

Here is another exciting idea for home offices that face a balcony or an outdoor area. By installing netting or a grill, more vertical space can be created and used for installing colourful planters or making a living wall. Additionally, with sunlight streaming in through the net, a walk in the area can help in boosting the mood, lowering anxiety and absorbing the daily dose of Vitamin D. It can also serve as the perfect space for taking a break to spend time with loved ones. 

The glass trick

This sunny and airy study is awe-inspiring, thanks to the lavish use of glazing. The view of a lush garden will keep anyone energised, inspired and happy all day long. Potted greens adorn the interiors too, creating a seamless connection with nature.

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