7 Smart ideas for your small kitchen

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Not all of us have been blessed with large, sociable kitchens where friends and family can flock to keep the busy cook (whether that be you or someone else in your household) company. And yes, you may not even have a kitchen island, range cooker, or dining table for guests to cram around, but that doesn’t mean your cooking space should be undervalued.

And like any professional Kitchen Planner (or Interior Designer) will be quick to point out: It’s not the size that counts, but rather what you do with it…

1. Choose a crisp colour palette

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A light, neutral colour scheme can most definitely help to make your small kitchen feel lighter, bigger, and airier. But think further than white or beige. 

How about cream-toned, patterned tiles and marble worktops complemented by Sky Blue cabinets for a clean and crisp palette to help the light bounce around? 

2. Opt for flexible storage

Contemporary design redefined Neptune Small kitchens

Contemporary design redefined


You need all the space / legroom you can get in a small kitchen, especially for storage purposes. So, ditch those ordinary floating shelves for something much more efficient like a wall-mounted panel that allows you to add more shelves, hang glasses upside down, neatly stack plates, and possibly even introduce a wine rack. 

3. Invest in more storage helpers

Speaking of getting your small kitchen’s storage correct, how about going beyond mere cupboards and drawers? We’re talking about tried-and-tested pieces like internal storage solutions (i.e. wire racks that pull out of corners or slim cupboards, drawer dividers for spices and utensils), a kitchen cart (with built-in storage compartments) that can easily wheel out of the way when needed to, baskets or containers on top of your existing wall cupboards… do you get the picture? 

4. Distract the eye with bold flooring

As long as your dominant colour palette is light and crispy, you can experiment a bit more with your tiny kitchen’s flooring (in terms of pattern) to make it stand out. Consider the fact that a strong pattern can distract the eye and make the space feel bigger!

5. Keep the scheme stylish and subtle

Luxury chandelier with gold finishes and blue shades Luxury Chandelier LTD Small kitchens Мідь / Бронза / Латунь Білий
Luxury Chandelier LTD

Luxury chandelier with gold finishes and blue shades

Luxury Chandelier LTD

Along with those soft-coloured walls and cabinets, take it a step further with sleek, contemporary details to further open up your small cooking zone. 

Light, reflective materials, plus the minimalist design, are perfect for tiny spaces. Furthermore, you can invest in white / frosted glass cabinets, white stone or composite, stainless-steel worktops, and even soft-tinted backsplash tiling…  

6. Lose that table and gain an island

It might sound silly to bring a kitchen island into an already tiny space, but remember that they come in so many different designs and styles – including long, sleek and thin ones. And a minimalist-style one can add extra storage- and surface spaces. 

Plus, if it has a slight overhang on one side, you can try and squeeze in some bar stools for an informal dining spot. 

7. Supersize your sink

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No space for a dishwasher in your small kitchen? Then it might be worth finding room for a double sink. 

Let the one bowl be for washing and the other one for rinsing. Or one for washing and the other for stacking the dirty dishes and cutlery – completely up to you! Point is, even a double sink takes up far less legroom than a sufficient dishwasher, and adds far less to your small kitchen in terms of visual clutter. 

Speaking of making small stylish, see these 10 sublime paint colours for a small room’s walls.

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