6 Interior design trends to follow in 2020

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Living Room Pixers Вітальня Різнокольорові
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As 2019 creeps towards its final few days, we all turn towards the trendsetters in the design industry (including some of the most top-notch Interior Designers and Decorators) to discover what will be “in” for the year ahead.

Thus, if you’ve been considering giving your home a new look to complement the new year, hold that thought – at least until you’ve heard about these 6 interior design trends for 2020. 

1. Colours from Mother Nature

Gorgeous Feathers Pixers Вітальня Синій

Gorgeous Feathers


Mother Nature herself is the inspiration for the trendiest colours in 2020. So, if you want to give your interiors a colour touch-up for the year ahead, think earth- and autumn tones combined with popping tints like oranges, pinks, blues, greens, etc. 

See how this living room's grey- and off-white hues complement the accompanying ocean blues and greens? Let that be your guide for 2020! 

2. Soft, feminine curves

We know that curvy shapes are more contemporary than modern, so let’s think of 2020 as the year to embrace contemporary curves! Instead of strong and harsh lines styling up your furnishings and décor, allow curvy, more feminine designs to give your interiors a welcoming look. Then, enhance that oh-so stylish space with some raw materials such as brass and concrete. 

3. Panelling for your walls

The Original British Standard Kitchen British Standard by Plain English Кухня Дерево Чорний
British Standard by Plain English

The Original British Standard Kitchen

British Standard by Plain English

Wall panelling already became trendy in 2019, yet the interior design forecast proclaims they’re going to be even bigger next year. That comes as no surprise when one consider how easily wall panelling inserts pattern, texture, and even colour into any space, from kitchens and bedrooms to even hallways and patios. 

4. Raw and natural accessories

Down Barton, Devon Trewin Design Architects Вітальня
Trewin Design Architects

Down Barton, Devon

Trewin Design Architects

Along with Mother Nature’s colours, 2020 will also persuade us to bring in some of her textures and finishes in the form of accessories. This includes anything that evokes a natural look and feel, from dried tree branches in vases to raw stone cladding up a focal wall.

Other unique examples include side tables made from dried timber, using seashells or pebbles for decoration, and laying down a few palm leaves to spice up… well, anything you like! 

5. Playful touches

Smiling Spirit Pixers Вітальня Різнокольорові

Smiling Spirit


2020 seems to embrace a more fun look in terms of interior design. Of course it’s important to keep things look beautiful, but in 2020 don’t be scared to play with colours, patterns and accessories. 

Look around your home and see where you can bring forth a playful touch. Maybe you can hang up some artwork referencing pop culture in your study? Or splash some eye-catching hues onto a focal wall in your living room? Just be sure to add those playful elements in small doses – you don’t want your interiors to look too much like a pre-school or circus! 

6. An outdoor room

Wimbledon LEIVARS Тераса



Great news if you’ve been itching to get out more lately – 2020 is the year when outdoor socialising spaces will be considered a must-have addition to the home. Whether it’s styling up a cosy balcony with beautiful pillows or placing a little bistro table with matching chairs on your back terrace, see how you can carve out a little outdoor space that allows you (and your guests) to get closer to Mother Nature. 

We especially love the idea of adding décor to those new outdoor rooms, especially if they get to combine these 2020 interior design trends! 

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