7 tasteful roof space ideas to inspire you!

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7 tasteful roof space ideas to inspire you!

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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It’s not always possible to extend our houses outwards, yet if one has the means to go upwards (such as adding a loft or turning that unused roof space into something useful), then we say go for it!

From a growing family or a new start-up business to a devoted hobby, there are multiple reasons why someone would desire extra space in their homes. Sometimes a loft conversion happens not because the homeowners are in desperate need to extend upwards, but simply because they want to! Think of examples like a home cinema, a suitable play room for the kiddies, or even just an extra bathroom – these are all examples of increasing a house’s luxury level! 

But what if your roof space is too short on natural light and you want to keep an open feel? Then we recommend opting for a mezzanine floor instead and letting your new room (whether it be a bedroom, study, etc.) enjoy an open-air feel with the downstairs zone. 

Whatever idea sounds more appealing, remember that there is a wealth of trained and experienced professionals out there ready and waiting to help turn your roof-space dreams into reality – from Architects and Interior Designers / Decorators to Electricians, Carpenters, and many more! 

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at seven creative examples of homeowners who got the itch to expand their homes and do something clever, creative, and super functional with their roof spaces…  

1. A room with a view

These homeowners were fortunate enough to turn their unused roof space into a dazzling (and extra) living room while still enjoying a generous amount of natural light and city views, all thanks to a spacious balcony. 

2. A media room

A media room doesn’t necessarily mean a gigantic cinema. It could even extend to smaller, more intimate designs like our example. And with creativity and dedication (and no doubt up-to-scratch professionals involved), this unused floor space was turned into a cosy little corner with all the necessary bells and whistles (i.e. super inviting couch, flat-screen TV, a collection of movies, stylish furnishings and decorations… )

3. A guest bedroom

by homify Сучасний

If you think about it, setting up a guest bedroom requires minimum touches: a comfy bed, a closet/wardrobe, adequate lighting (bonus points if you can allow natural light to enter via a stunning skylight or dormer window), and a handful of décor! 

4. A home office

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Likewise, setting up a comfy little desk and work station in your new loft space also doesn't require too much work. Yet if you want to go much more impressive and resort to a meeting room (as this amazing example shows), ensure you have adequate legroom and that the floor can handle the extra weight! 

5. A reading room

Dreaming of having a safe and stylish space to display and enjoy all of your prized reading materials? We can't think of a better example to inspire bookworms than this incredible reading room! 

Just note that proper lighting (both artificial and natural) is vital for a space where reading will be the main activity. 

6. A simple bed(room)

This mezzanine addition is not the most spacious, yet perfectly integrates an extra sleeping space into this cosy little apartment.

7. An extra bathroom

Dulwich Loft Conversation by R+L Architect Сучасний
R+L Architect

Dulwich Loft Conversation

R+L Architect

If you're planning on selling your home in the near future and are faced with a choice of adding either an extra bathroom or bedroom, go with the bathroom. Potential buyers deem this more important!

And what if you have No bathroom window? Try these 7 tricks for everlasting freshness

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