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Question: How do you impress visitors upon entry into your home? Yes, a firm handshake and friendly smile can help, but don’t think that your house has no part to play. In fact, the way your interiors look and feel can definitely make a statement, and it’s up to you whether that statement is going to be one of positivity and style, or negativity and neglect.

That brings us to the importance of having a visually pleasing and practical entryway, which is the first interior space of a home. Entryways can be spacious or tiny, have windows or none, be available various layouts, and lead into an assortment of adjoining rooms (from living areas and guest bathrooms to kitchens). This versatility means that no two entryways will be the same, and present various options for its residents in terms of décor, style, and furniture.

Fortunately, whether your home’s entryway is small or large, there are a number of things you can do to ensure it makes a stylish statement – and here are 8 of them!

1. Dazzling décor

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Some shine can do the trick, especially if your entryway has no windows. Let the little bit of light it does have (via artificial lighting fixtures) get cast around as much as possible. Think of surfaces that can reflect light, such as mirrors or stainless steel fixtures. Or how about glass balustrades that lead directly from your entryway to the next storey?

This super elegant entryway does everything right!  

2. A commitment to comfort

Sure, an entryway is the last spot you’re going to have a chat with someone, but if yours is big enough, we firmly recommend adding a comfy chair (or even two). It ensures a look of comfort and style, plus shows guests that you’re committed to convenience – and can make them quite curious about scoping out the rest of your home! 

3. Patterned floors

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If your entryway is a bit dull, there is a way to bring in some pattern without taking up any legroom: look to your floors. Maybe trade in that simple surface for hardwood with its rich, rugged texture. Or how about tiles flaunting some unexpected motifs? 

This example presents a charming chequered pattern in elegant monochrome, which beautifully bounces off the matching wall art. 

4. Deluxe lighting

Lighting is everything to a space. Thus, if you’re going to be replacing your entryway lighting, why not go all out? 

This entryway example is far from small, yet enjoys a super elegant look thanks to various elements – not excluding those deluxe pendants right in the centre, fabulously anchoring the entire welcoming area while ensuring some shine. 

homify hint: Style up your entryway lighting fixtures in a colour contrasting from the walls / furnishings. 

5. An eye-catching colour

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Speaking of colour, how about splashing a strong tint onto your entryway walls, like a deep forest green or shocking pink? Keep in mind that the ‘style rules’ of interior design are a bit more bendable when it comes to entryways. That means you can experiment with some more daring hues you wouldn’t normally attempt in other rooms (like a living room).  

6. Amazing artwork

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Portraits, prints, and landscapes can add colour and pattern to an entryway, plus immediately give a hint as to the owner’s personal taste. Think of an entryway with super modern artwork versus one that has framed photographs of friends and family – both reveal something about the homeowners, right? 

homify hint: Take that accent wall with its prints even further by cladding it up with another material, like exposed brick or wood. 

7. Textured runners or rugs

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An area rug is terrific for creating a warm, welcoming tone. Look to your entryway’s rug to introduce some colour, texture, and pattern into your interiors right from the get go. 

8. Geometric mirrors

Taking up no floor legroom, mirrors add character to spaces, plus make narrow areas seem larger and brighter. But ditch the done-to-death rectangular mirror and opt for something more unique. 

This series of circular wall mirrors really introduce an eye-catching look into this welcoming zone, plus it subtly enhances the soft, curvy style of the chairs.

What about your entryway’s floors? Or the rest of your home’s? That’s why we bring you these 5 flooring ideas for your home – and their pros and cons.

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