10 economical diwali decoration ideas to make your home festive

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Once again the festival of lights is just around the corner with its promise of rangoli, sweets and get-togethers. It is the time when most Indians get busy with cleaning, shopping and hunting for new and trendy home decoration ideas to make the celebration special. The festival is all about filling the house with positive vibes and fresh energy. Even though it is always fun to clean up the house and decorate it to welcome the annual festival, it sometimes weighs heavy on the pocket. But, don’t let a restricted budget dampen the spirit of the festival. Here are 10 economical and simple home décor ideas which you can use to style your home and welcome Diwali with gusto. Have a look!

1. Let the Pooja wall dazzle to welcome good fortune

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Let’s start with the pooja room, the abode of God in the house. Follow the annual tradition and bring in a new statue of Lord Ganesha, or be environment conscious and clean up or refurbish the existing one; it's your choice. Then, decorate the wall of the Pooja space with miniature spotlights that shine bright and wash the wall with warmth and beauty.

2. Bathe the house in a warm shade of yellow

Known for its grandeur, marble work, Interior Designers in Gurgoan, 7WD Design Studio 7WD Design Studio Тераса

Fairy lights, candles and earthen lamps are conventional, and every other home will have them for Diwali nights. So this Diwali, think differently and bathe your house in yellow light for a warm welcome. The simple yet elegant decorative style will surely make your home stand apart in the neighbourhood. All it takes is replacing the standard white LED lights with yellow lights.

3. Create Rangoli art on the wall with a collage of vibrant framed paintings

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If you are planning to decorate the wall with new framed pictures, make it lively and colourful. Usually a single large artwork is expensive, and the cost increases as the size of the paintings get larger. So instead of buying one large piece of art, buy small pictures in different colours and themes. It will be cheaper, and when hung on the wall, they will resemble Rangoli.

4. Make the fountain dance to the tune of the lights

Give a makeover to the fountain of your garden through coloured lighting and enjoy the festival of light, watching the water dancing in sync with the flash of the waterproof lamps. This simple addition will bring in freshness to the old fountain at a nominal cost.

5. A fresh set of terracotta artefacts

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Come Diwali, and the market is flooded with earthen pots and colourful objects made of terracotta. Bring home beautiful statues and artefacts to decorate your home. They are a part of our tradition and are available at reasonable prices. By buying them from local potters, you will also support their craft and make their Diwali a happy one.

6. Refresh memorabilia and restore them with love

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This Diwali, you can restore the prized possessions of your grandparents or other handed down collectables from the older generations of your family. Make an antique trunk bright and beautiful by polishing it, and use it as a table to display the gramophone. These priceless antique pieces will add a zest to your Diwali decoration at no extra cost. You can also paint the trunk as a DIY project to give it a new look.

7. Decorate with colourful lamps

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During Diwali, you can decorate the house with colourful lights. You can buy bright and beautiful lamps from roadside vendors at a reasonable price.

8. The power of humble flowers


A colourful bunch of fresh flowers is inexpensive, and the powerful impact it has on the home’s décor is priceless. Accentuate the brightness of your home by arranging bouquets in shiny vases. It will make the celebration and decoration special without burning a hole in the pocket.

9. Pledge for a green and clean Diwali

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Make it a green Diwali, by decorating the indoor and outdoor areas of your house with plants in beautiful planters. Arrange the lighting and lamps strategically to highlight the freshness of the plants. The beauty of decorating with plants is that you needn’t remove them or pack them away until the next Diwali once the celebration is over.

10. Smarten up the old picture frame with paper flowers

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Found the old picture frame during Diwali cleaning? Think before you throw it away! Give the old frame a smart makeover with a DIY project. Make flowers out of papers, paste them over the old frame and hang the refurbished pictures proudly to adorn the wall of your home.

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