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Beautiful Home Décor Ideas from Pune

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сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний
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Homes must display a subtle beauty that invites you to explore them more in-depth. Today, we look at some fantastic and beautiful display of creativity in home décor from the interior designers and decorators of Spaces Alive in Pune. The ideas are exquisite in every way and give a lavish appearance to the home. There is an excellent balance in the choice of colours and accents that have been used. A closer look gives you a fantastic view of the aesthetics and the ingenuity in the approach to interior design. Everything complements and accentuates the intrinsic beauty of the architecture and the interiors.

Gorgeous living room

сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний

Restraint is one of the most challenging parts of implementing a design concept. This living room has everything that you consider luxurious and elegant. The mustard colour on one part of the wall makes the subtle and neutral tones stand out even more starkly, presenting a stunning contrast.

Immaculate workroom

сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний

Neat and clutter-free are the words that come to mind when one looks at the design of this room. Simple, modern and stylish furniture adorns the room. While the straight lines make for an impressive look, what truly captures the attention is the wall-to-wall bookshelf. The monochrome look is stunning.

Impressive design

сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний

Here, we see a fantastic way to organise a room. While books, folders, and numerous other papers are not easy to hide, a shelf such as this helps to keep things neat and makes the room look modern and impressive. The combination of closed and open shelves is what makes this space work well.

Rustic and open bedroom

сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний

The bedroom features a very contemporary look. The chocolate brown cushioned headboard gives a luxurious and dreamy look to the room. The lampshades hanging from the ceiling are a trendy and modern idea. They add a pleasant and stylish look to the bedroom. While the design in this room looks great, what’s noteworthy is that everything is functional and practical too.

Dramatic and attractive kitchen

сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний

A kitchen such as this guarantees to be one of the most attractive features of any home. The vibrant rich blue colour contrasts with the boldness of the red to create a spectacular looking space. The room has character and looks contemporary thanks to the elegant breakfast counter. The barstools make the whole place come alive.

A soft and feminine touch

сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний

There is something wonderfully pure and lovely about whites. It does not matter which tones or shades you work with; it brings a soft look to any space almost instantly. The cushioned effect extends from the floor to the ceiling giving the room a luxurious ambience. The wood floor and the soft rug accentuate the look even further.

Exceptional accents

сучасний  by Spaces Alive, Сучасний

Lighting has to be one of the most important aspects of interior design. A lovely chandelier such as this can occupy a prime spot in the home and become a focal point that people not only notice but also find hard to take their eyes off!

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