Before and After: Dreadful Dining Areas to Killer Kitchens

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Germano de Castro Pinheiro, Lda Кухня
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Transformations should always be dramatic and eye-catching but isn't it a little bit worrying when you look back at how a space used to look and realise that you freely used it, just as it was? This is especially frightening when it comes to kitchens!

Dated cabinets, worktops that had seen better days and questionable tables all play a part in today's transformations but at least they will give you hope if you are battling with an unappealing kitchen! Take a look at your space that is ripe for a remodel then comfort yourself with the knowledge that it can't be any worse than some of these…

Before: What's going on?

If you can fathom what the design scheme was for this kitchen then please let us know! Is it meant to be country chic, with those traditional cupboard doors? Or funky, thanks to the yellow wall? Who can tell?! All we do know is that this is a cramped, messy state of space that was in dire need of an update.

After: Unrecognisable!

Thank goodness for Roberta Castelli. There is absolutely no way that you can possibly see that this is the same room, is there? Gone is all the overbearing wood and poorly positioned table and in its place stands this testament to modernism and chic design. This really is what we call a total transformation!

Before: Boring and brown

Brown is a hard colour to use well and in a kitchen that task becomes even more difficult. It just naturally dates and depresses a space, especially when you use it alongside motif tiles and poorly sized cabinets. Even if you are trying to be open-minded and polite, you have to admit that this really is a horrible room!

After: Wonderful in white

Now this is a kitchen we would be happy to cook and even eat in!

Gone is the dark, dismal feeling and in its place is this wonderfully welcoming and bright space. It's amazing what some perfect lighting and a pale colour scheme can do for a room, don't you think? Just look at that sleek black worktop, too. Such a change!

Before: Enclosed and small

acertus Кухня

Sometimes we look at homes that need an update and wonder what on earth the original design team was thinking. How so many homes can have been built with barely usable, tiny kitchens is beyond us but thank goodness people are taking the initiative and carving themselves more beautiful spaces after the fact. The low ceiling and cramped conditions of this room were ripe for a remodel, that's for sure!

After: Airy and light

acertus Кухня

We can't get enough of these unrecognisable transformations! This one is astounding and we love the total modernisation thanks to subway tiles, breakfast bar and bright colours.

The whole space feels so naturally welcoming that you'd be hard pressed to believe it ever looked so tiny and tragic. We certainly wouldn't say no to a coffee and some breakfast here but you couldn't get us in the former incarnation!

Before: Old fashioned and awful

atelier B-L

Where do we start? Those tiles, the stained cupboards or the awkward little wall that makes a small spot feel like a claustrophobic nightmare? Wherever we look there is something to hate about this kitchen so thank goodness it was remodelled. Can you imagine the horror of trying to cook in here?

After: Small but perfectly formed

atelier B-L Кухня

Here is a small but charming spot that we would be happy to cook in and what an incredible little space it is! Light, airy and cute as a button, the white and wood scheme works wonderfully and dispells any memories of the dark little corner that it used to be. We know that this is the perfect inspiration for many a studio flat!

Before: Too much going on

We know that when you are short on space it can be difficult to know how to decorate but this is all sorts of wrong. There is simply too much furniture in here and not enough room to move around or identify what the space is actually supposed to be.

Is it a kitchen, a dining room or a living room? Oh, it's a cramped version of all three! A drastic remodel was needed here but wait until you see it…

After: Believe your eyes

It can't be the same property, can it? Well, it is and just look at how seriously this revamp was taken! Far from just slapping on some white paint, this room looks to have been totally opened up to reveal a much larger open-plan scheme but it's all a trick of the eye.

By employing mirrors in a clever way, this room looks at least three times the size that it actually is and we are blown away by how well the effect works. Don't you just love it? It's such a cheap technique, too!

If you are looking for even more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Ridiculously Cool Kitchens. Don't just renovate, innovate!

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