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There are a few home accessories that seem so easy to get to grips with but when you stop and think about it, it's these additions that can really tip the balance of a room if you're not careful. One such accessory is cushions! They might seem like fluffy little pillows that will look good anywhere but choosing cushions can be more of an ordeal than you think. 

Take a look at our top tips for choosing the right cushions for your home and see if you need to rethink your accessories. We promise we're only doing this to help and you never know, it might be your cushions that have been making your room feel not quite right!

Assess your current aesthetic

Rose Room Interior Design Caxton Rhode Вітальня
Caxton Rhode

Rose Room Interior Design

Caxton Rhode

Before you start running around the shops and choosing cushions that you like, stop and take a moment to really take a good long look at the room they will be going in. You need to make sure that you fully understand the aesthetic that you are trying to support.

Caxton Rhode have created a stunning space here but had they not taken artwork colours into account, as well as materials and the general vibe of the space, they might have taken a misstep with the cushions. Thankfully, the vibrant citrus shades used here are absolutely perfect!

Think about where you need them

Choosing cushions will normally stem from an observed need for a little extra comfort or accessorising so before you come home fully laden with as many cushions as you can carry, take some time to consider where they are going to live.

Sofas and chairs are generally the most common recipients of new, plump cushions but you can just as easily place them on the floor to create a comfortable reading corner of a sleepy area for napping children. Where you plan to house them will impact on what you choose so be sure before you buy!

Consider your colour schemes

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So many of us have been conditioned to think of cushions as an easy way to add in an accent colour to an existing space but sometimes that's not always a great idea. If you are trying to create a cohesive living room, for example, you might be better off using a theme-sympathetic hue.

Choosing cushions in accordance with your existing colour scheme allows for a far better rounded and delicate balance of colours, especially if you have a lot of earth or natural tones in place. You don't want to upset the delicate balance with vibrant shades that you haven't thought through, do you? 

What size do you want?

Floor cushions bluebellgray СпальняТекстиль

Floor cushions


Directly linked to where you are going to place your cushions, the size of the pillows that you opt for is a vital consideration. For a bijou armchair, delicate, small cushions will be a natural choice but a bed could easily handle some large scatter cushions. And what about the floor? 

If you are planning to create a cosy floor space, large beanbag-sized cushions will be the perfect choice for you. Don't be afraid to try a few out so go into some shops and see which fit you the best and don't feel silly for sitting on the floor. Shop assistants will have seen people do much worse than that!

Can you repurpose old cushions?

Harlequin Cushion Niki Jones Коридор, коридор і сходиАксесуари та прикраси
Niki Jones

Harlequin Cushion

Niki Jones

If choosing cushions seems like hard work and you like the size and feel of the ones you already own, have you considered the possibility of simply recovering them to be more in-keeping with your interior design scheme? It would certainly be an easier option.

You don't have to be a whizz with a sewing machine, though that would certainly be a great way to ensure you get the exact fabric you want. As there are so many companies now selling cushion covers without the padding, you should be able to find what you want very easily. 

Get online and do some research

Midcentury Modern Desk in Solid Ash Biggs & Quail Навчання/офісСтоли
Biggs & Quail

Midcentury Modern Desk in Solid Ash

Biggs & Quail

As with any form of shopping these days, it always pays to get online to have a look at what is available. Even if you use it as a source of inspiration and then buy something locally, it never hurts to make sure there isn't something more perfect or cheaper out there waiting for you.

As well as choosing cushions online, you could make great use of free sewing tutorials if you actually fancied having a go at making your own, totally unique covers. It's not as tricky as you might think and you would be sure that you'd never have to buy another cushion ever again. 

For more cushion inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Decorative Pillows: 5 Ways To Bring Your Room To Life. It's all about those well chosen accessories!

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