Interior Design and Restyling with Handcrafted Ceramics and Customised Decorations

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Interior Design in Rome, ARTE DELL'ABITARE ARTE DELL'ABITARE Комерційні приміщення Різнокольорові
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The studio Arte dell’Abitare (Art of Living), founded by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti, has been active for more than 30 years. It takes care of every single phase of interior design projects, restyling and restoration, including the conception, the creation, and the artistic direction. Art of Living is based in Rome but works throughout Italy and Europe and aims at delivering great residential and commercial projects even with the lowest budget. 

Thanks to a particular passion for handmade ceramics and decor that has an eye on ancient charm, the team of professionals bases its activity on the pursuit of the most suitable solution to give character and uniqueness to entire spaces or individual items through strategic and economically sensible interventions.

From the decoration of surfaces to the renewal of old spaces, we discover some of the most interesting achievements of Art of Living.

1. A very distinctive floor

Porcelain Stoneware Floor ARTE DELL'ABITARE Коридор, коридор і сходиАксесуари та прикраси Різнокольорові floor

Porcelain Stoneware Floor


Not a simple finish, but a real piece of furniture: such is the decorative flooring designed by the studio Arte dell'Abitare to enhance a hallway that would otherwise be anonymous. The composition has inserts with different textures, thus making it particularly multifaceted, and this guarantees an undisputed added value to the overall surface.

2. Ceramic art

Ceramic Columns ARTE DELL'ABITARE хатнє господарство хатнє господарствохатнє господарство хатнє господарство хатнє господарство хатнє господарство хатнє господарство домогосподарстваАксесуари та прикраси Різнокольорові adina berti

Ceramic Columns


In this Mediterranean-style living room, two handcrafted ceramic columns stand out, acting as both a structural and decorative element. With their intriguing shades and the gloss that distinguishes them, they are able to enrich the whole interior and give the space a brand-new charm.

Decorative Bathroom ARTE DELL'ABITARE Комерційні приміщення Готелі

Decorative Bathroom


The use of artistic and handcrafted ceramics is also strategic in this case: a bathroom in the Mediterranean style that appeals to tradition by focusing on decorative tiles in a small format to cover the shower enclosure, in combination with cement mortar in dusty shades. A simple but accurate addition that provides beauty and uniqueness to the surface.

Shower Tray ARTE DELL'ABITARE Ванна кімнатаВанни та душові Різнокольорові shower

The natural tendency of Arte dell'Abitare to be creative is also expressed in the decorative elements that are often unconventional, just like this handcrafted shower tray with decorative ceramic inserts.

3. Creation of tailor-made furnishing accessories

Kitchen Idea homify Кухня Білий forniture,kitchen

Kitchen Idea


The design of tailor-made furnishing accessories is one of the cornerstones of the studio, which bases its philosophy on the concept of customization for maximum aesthetic performance with a reasonable budget.

The kitchen we are looking at, for example, has shelves designed by hand specifically for the size available. The wavy shape and the choice of tone make them look like an extension of the wall itself for a stunning visual result.

Curve Library homify Вітальня Різнокольорові construction,library,mansonry bookcase

Curve Library


Created specifically to customize the environment in which it fits is also the following bookcase in brickwork, characterized by curved profiles and a seamless surface.

4. A living room with a unique personality

Veranda Lounge homify Вітальня veranda,lounge

Veranda Lounge


The next living room, located in the space of a veranda and furnished with great attention to detail, also has a great deal of personality. The textured effect on the wall and the details of the textiles make the difference in the room which, thanks to an ethnic touch and a varied colour scheme, is perfectly enhanced.

5. Surface decoration

Wall Decoration - Arteomete Project ARTE DELL'ABITARE СпальняАксесуари та прикраси Срібло / золото Янтарний / Золотий decoration,colors natural

Wall Decoration – Arteomete Project


Surface decoration is not only the flagship of the studio's activity, but it is also an excellent solution for renovating walls, coverings and furnishings without major economic investments.

The wall we are looking at is the result of a skilful re-elaboration with a decorative technique of wrought stencil padding and colours both organic and acrylic, for a rich and captivating result.

Decorated and Waxed Bookcase homify Вітальня Дерево library,decoration

Decorated and Waxed Bookcase


Even a simple and ancient bookcase has regained its splendour thanks to the techniques used by the team. In this case, the surfaces of the wooden and brick structure were decorated and waxed to obtain an intriguing and refined monochrome effect.

6. A restyling between past and present

Interior Designe Rome ARTE DELL'ABITARE Комерційні приміщення Різнокольорові Готелі

Interior Designe Rome


The studio, specialized in restyling and interior design, has also taken care of the renovation of a large apartment in a historical building to adapt it to a new use. From a simple residential context, the space has been transformed into a real accommodation facility, comfortable and refined.

Between the trends of our time and the beauty of ancient complements, each space is revived in the name of the balance between past and present. The careful planning of the renovation has been able to comply with a limited budget, obtaining an impeccable result, thanks to some crucial decorative techniques.

Wooden Ceiling Decoration ARTE DELL'ABITARE ВітальняАксесуари та прикраси wooden ceilling,stencil

Wooden Ceiling Decoration


The ceilings have been embellished and decorated with a stencil, applied with a pad. The floors have been recreated from scratch by choosing materials and ornamental inserts that reinterpret the splendour of the past in a contemporary key. All the wooden elements, from the frames to the furnishings, were made specifically for the place, just like the doors and windows, redesigned with the help of local carpenters and soundproofed for a technical performance suitable for a building intended for hospitality.

Other original elements have been restored to maintain the dialogue between the present and the ancient, so as to ensure that each room has a welcoming and precious atmosphere typical of the homes of the noble Rome.

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