Modern and Trendy Interiors for This Home in Hyderabad

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Sunrise Apartment, Bachupally, Hyderabad, SD Interiors & Modulars SD Interiors & Modulars
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The first thing that impresses you in any home is the interiors. Apart from this, one tends to notice the colours and how clean it looks. Designing a home, therefore, is simple if you pay attention to the colours you like. It can form the basis of the design, whereas the furniture and decor can create the second layer. Eventually, it is a combination of things that makes the right impression. This lovely home in Hyderabad has designed by the interior designers and decorators of SD Interiors and Modulars

Elegant display

The balance of space and design is probably the most important thing in a home. Here, the TV unit is simple and yet charming. By using a unique and unusual colour for the unit, the designers have managed to make it look striking and attractive.

Living room partition

Seen from the other side, you notice the L-shaped seating in the living area, besides a unique partition made of wood that visually separates it from the dining room. The same colours are used in both areas to carry through a cohesive look.

Bright kitchen

The kitchen is bright but sophisticated in its looks. The deep blue cabinets look rich and royal, giving this space a modern appearance. What works with the colour is the use of a distressed white brick in the background walls. The tiles seem to balance the bright colour effectively. The designers have chosen to minimize the cabinets above the counter, giving a spacious look to the kitchen.  

Unusual bedroom

Again the choice of colours for the room is bold, but it looks fantastic thanks to the coordinating colours. A lighter tone against the bright blue seems to give a softer look to the wardrobes. To balance the look, the designers have added a cushioned headboard in the same colours.

Smart furniture

Using the available space, the designers have added customised furniture to make the room efficient as well. One corner of the room features a small yet compact study desk. The darker colour on the wall acts as the accent in this room.

Gorgeous drapes

Drapes play an essential role in creating the right feel in any room. Here, a combination of colours allows the designers to balance the light and dark colours effectively. This room also features a small yet beautiful ledge which can be used for reading. Storage above and below the seating make the room functional.

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