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Décor Tips for Animal Lovers

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For those of us who love animals and have pets, it comes naturally to turn our house into a home as much for us as for them. They have their quirks and demands just like any human member of the house. What’s best is to enhance their happiness with a thoughtful touch here and there.

What animal lovers also like is to show their love with bold décor statements. Be it animal prints, murals, paintings, it is great to add a dash of life to unexpected corners of your home. Gone are the days when these were reserved for children’s jungle-themed rooms and nurseries. Today you can find a way to add at least one item to each room that inspires the love you share with your scaly, feathered and furry friends. Check out some of the latest in animal design and how you can bring some into your rooms!

Animal sculptures

There is something about capturing a 3D image of an animal into its static sculptural form that evokes a sense of movement. These sculptures are often given life-like appearance with attention to detail which makes them stand out from regular home décor or art.

Animal sculptures are often used as symbols or representatives to depict a statement or state of mind in our lives. Their aggression, warmth, curiosity, beauty, sadness, and sometimes deformity become an extension of how we see the world around us.

Sculptures of lions, tigers, bulls and bears often represent a place of power. Deer, lambs, and doves represent sacrifice and peace. Even animals like a giraffe (symbolizing farsightedness) and camel (symbolizing travel and sometimes endurance) are used as interesting home décor.

Animals also take on religious and spiritual significance across cultures. The Indian representation of elephant god Ganesha or the symbolic importance of the turtle in feng shui, or representations of monkey, snake, pig, rat or others in the Chinese zodiac are all examples.

Animal prints for your wall

Robert Farkas - Sunny Bear Dust ІлюстраціїКартини та картини Різнокольорові

Robert Farkas – Sunny Bear


This is a truly classic way to express your love for your animal companions. You can have a photographer take a portfolio click of their best side and simply enlarge and frame it. You can choose to create a stylish representation of them using watercolours or a sketch from a professional artist, a modern art representation of them or even a Giclee art (spray art). In addition to your own pet, you can also choose your favourites from existing animal photography. While animal posters can brighten up any room, it is best used in the living room in a sufficiently large size to draw attention and be a focal point.

Feline accessories

cat-on ВітальняОсвітлення Дерево

When love for your feline friend holds a special place in your heart, why not show it off in your home too? Tree houses and scratching posts come in a variety of shapes and sizes that double up as interesting décor pieces.

A pet tree house for your cat can be handcrafted to give a real feel with added ledges where they can rest or jump from. Some come as high as 7 feet tall with a small pet house at the base, leaves made of velvet or silk. Others come as short as 36 inches providing just about a ledge and foliage. You can even ask for a custom design based on your furry friend’s preferences. There are fancy upgrades too. From paw ports where your cats can hide to autumn-leaf foliage, you can change things around once in a while to keep things interesting without taking them out of their comfort zone. A must-have in a pet-friendly home. 

This gorgeous feline accessory from Cat-On is just the ticket for cat lovers.

A couch for your critters

Opsetims Дитяча кімнатаШафи і шафи

From regular to luxury to orthopedic, animal-exclusive couches come designed to make your pooch feel cozy and comfortable. Most homes just need one placed in a corner for your animal to feel restful and at peace.

Animal couches come with or without ledges and it is really up to you to decide what your friend will like better. Because this little piece of furniture will be subject to a lot of wear and tear, go for fabrics that are washable (preferably with an extra cover that can be removed and washed), suitable for all weathers and durable. Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure it is easy to carry so that you can shift it around your house when necessary.

The designs almost have as much variety as a human couch so you are bound to find something that will go with the rest of your home.

Animal patterns and textures

From small pieces of animal décor on your bookshelves to the animal prints on your couch or the life-like butterflies on a wall, there are many ways to create an animal-inspired home. Leopard and tiger prints never go out of fashion and can be used in ottomans and cushion covers to shake up the design elements. A faux feather wall piece, a ceramic, metal or even papier-mâché animal head mount can add a unique touch to your room.

Nothing speaks like an animal print wallpaper which can tastefully raise a room’s style quotient, especially one of the inside rooms.

Remove cables and toxic plants

The other side of having a pet-friendly home is to also ensure their safety. Aloe vera, asparagus ferns, corn plant, dumb cane, jade plant, daffodils and a few varieties of lilies can cause physical harm to both cats and dogs. Take a double check before your introduce any of these or even other plants at home to ensure they are pet-safe. Another simple but important task is to keep your wiring concealed and out of reach from pets as any loose cables can be chewed, clawed or tripped upon causing quite a bit of damage to them and you.

Did you know that in popular cultures around the world, select animals or related accessories are put on display to ward off an evil eye! Wild wallpaper art, dapper animal plates and crockery, animal paperweights, papier-mâché art and even animal origami on display can be little elements that let you show your love for animals and taste for art.

For more animal décor inspiration, check out Amazing animal prints!

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