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10 modern bedroom rooms to fall in love

by kababie arquitectos Сучасний
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Undoubtedly, the master bedroom is one special room in the house that combines comfort, functionality, style and originality. This ideabook brings you ten very innovative and clever bedroom designs that you might incorporate into your new house.

Fresh and open garden

True to its name, this bedroom is designed overlooking a garden. You will instantly feel a breath of fresh air and positivity inside this room. The overall theme of the room has been kept very subtle with the use of ivory pastel shade on the wall and ceiling. Sliding, French glass windows make the garden a vital part of the room.

Bright and spacious

This bedroom has a strong element of warmth and friendliness that causes everyone to stay and enjoy in this room. The wide mirror makes the room more spacious and peaceful. The white walls coupled with white furniture will make you fall in love with this room instantly.

In pastels

by Grange México Сучасний

The very soft and subtle pastel color combination is an absolute treat to watch. This aesthetically beautiful room has light pink color on the walls, which gives a warm homely stance. The peacock blue bed adds a dash of brightness and vibrancy to the overall beauty of this space.

Comfortable and functional

This room undoubtedly excels in the test of modern design and traditional homely warmth. The gentle mix of ivory and green shade makes this a picture perfect place. The floor to ceiling French windows make this room rich in Vitamin-D while the maps render a contrasting touch.

Protruding wood!

by GRUPO VOLTA Сучасний

The central idea behind this design is to give a feel of a wooden cabin surrounded by forest on all sides. This earthy room has wooden flooring, wooden finish tiles on the walls and a wooden bed along with a wooden TV cabinet and drawers. This double bedroom, surely has a friendly underlying tone to it.

Romantic symmetry

This design is absolutely a lover’s nest. Made especially for people who are madly in love with each other, this place is simple, yet ultra stylish. This room has white as the predominant color. Gray wall is designed to bring a contrast and life to the room. It perfectly proves the phrase ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

In neutral colors

by Entretrazos Сучасний

Everything in this room ranging from the furniture to the ceiling is prim and proper. It has all the elements that complete an ordinary bedroom viz a cozy king size bed, a high end TV, perfectly spaced wardrobe and a study table. This is an excellent choice of a bedroom with neat shapes and light colors.

Eerie elegance

This is by far the most modern bedroom designs present on this occasion. This bedroom in spite of the dark hues lends a cozy and warm feel to the inmates. The dark mosaic wall gives the room a rocky and metallic feel while the wooden border on the wall gives it the much needed glimmer and acts like a fence.

Romance jet

This double bedroom is a rarely seen masterpiece with brilliant light management and uniform color distribution. It is perfect for people seeking something different in their bedrooms as it is different from the usual designs and colors. The dark walls and dark furniture give it a hardy rustic feel.

With elements vibrant!

The last on the list is a beautiful chamber that has a light and subtle backdrop with splashes of bright colors scattered unevenly in the room. This modern bedroom has wooden flooring, ivory walls, decently shaped fall ceiling and lamps beautifully mounted on the walls.

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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