A Mumbai home with classic décor

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A Mumbai home with classic décor

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 Вітальня by Midas Dezign,
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The 3BHK Apartment in Oberoi Esquire is a stunning home to look at. The team at Midas Dezign, Interior Architects in Mumbai, executed the design and décor. The home is spread over quite a large area, and the challenge was to create a design that was unique yet combined each room effortlessly. So here is the end result and let’s start our tour!

The living room

 Вітальня by Midas Dezign,

The first glimpse at this uber modern home is through the living room. The mustard sofas look gorgeous, especially when combined with the all-white walls with a dash of teal. 

Unusual accents

 Їдальня by Midas Dezign,

The teal is quite appealing and matches well with the décor. The lighting is mild to give the room a soft glow. Of particular note is the custom made wooden furniture on the wall that is stylish, sturdy and quite impressive. 

Details in design

 Коридор by Midas Dezign,

Looking at the entrance, we see this gorgeous panel design. Located right by the main entry into the house, this beautiful wooden panel has a small seating area, a storage space for shoes and a stylish panel with wood and mirror alternating to create an alluring pattern. 

The open layout

 Їдальня by Midas Dezign,

As we can see here, the house has an open layout, with the living room and dining room blending into one space. The hanging designer lamp on the dining table is unique. The designers have dedicated one wall to family pictures in monochrome.

Modern kitchen

 Кухня by Midas Dezign,

This modern kitchen is straight out of a magazine, with the exposed brick wall, the stylish furniture and all the modern appliances. 

Furnishings in the kitchen

 Кухня by Midas Dezign,

The kitchen has a combination of white and wood, a classic combination that never goes out of style. The large space offers a ton of room to move around.


 Спальня by Midas Dezign,

The overall grey colour scheme of the room is pleasant to the eye. The bedhead, the walls and some of the furniture follow this theme. The beautiful white marble flooring looks gorgeous with the grey. 

A different view

 Спальня by Midas Dezign,

A different view of the room takes us to the gorgeous French windows with linen curtains. The home office is located right where natural light comes into the room, creating a perfect workspace. 

Colours and textures

 Спальня by Midas Dezign,

The designers are not afraid of picking unusual colours, such as this shade of aquamarine for the wall in the second bedroom. The textured wall adds character to the design, and the gorgeous white and grey furniture complements it well. 

White is perfection

 Спальня by Midas Dezign,

As we see the rest of the room, we are struck with the neatness of the design as well as the all-white furniture. The gorgeous home office, side shelves and wardrobe look almost fluid together. 

Floral design

 Спальня by Midas Dezign,

The design of this bedroom is completely different than that of the rest of the house. The soft floral design stands out from the walls. The use of a pearl finish laminate adds richness to the overall design.

Wooden marvels

 Спальня by Midas Dezign,

Looking at the bed, the first thing that strikes us is the wooden wall that uses gorgeous panels to create a well-lit wall. There is a beautiful seating area on the side, which offers a view of the city from the large windows.

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