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Everybody wants an office space that is formal enough for a work setting, but is also comfortable enough to make the time spent there worthwhile. But the most important thing that one wants out of one's work space is success. A successful and profit making office is the best office in the world. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could somehow increase the productivity of your office by tweaking its settings? Well, we have some Feng Shui tips up our sleeve which can help you do exactly that! Here are 6 Feng Shui tips for your office that will help you make more profit.

Desk should face the right direction

Firstly, ensure that your desk is facing the right direction. According to Feng Shui a work desk is of utmost importance and if it is facing the wrong direction, it can throw off the balance and prosperity of your office. Place your desk in a position so that it faces the door, with a wall to its back for stability. Never place a desk in front or with its back to a door or window. If the desk faces a window a person's Chi energy and attention flow right outside, while turning your back to the door is turning one's back to good business Chi that wants to come in.

Keep all the rooms bright

Another rule for a successful office or any space in Feng Shui, is giving ample attention to lighting. Good lighting activates the Fire element according to Feng Shui which brings in passion, glory and achievements. Keep all the rooms of your office well lit and bright, but pay a tad bit more attention to the entry. The vibe that you welcome at the entrance should be positive, so that it permeates the rest of your office and brings in good fortune. Keep the space where you work well lit like this. Not only will this bring you more profits, but will also be better for the health of your eyes.

Place a mirror at the side of the entry & keep it clean

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Another simple way to bring in more luck and profits in your work place is to place a mirror near your door. However, never place a mirror directly opposite a door, as it pushes the positive Chi energy and along with it wealth and new opportunities right back out of the door. Place a nice big mirror at the side of the entry instead, and keep it clean. As Feng Shui rules state that an unclean surface does not reflect the positive Chi energy coming in through the door.

Use white on the northwest side

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Opt for plenty of white in your office as white is a soothing colour. But use it particularly in the northwest side more, as according to Feng Shui white represents the Metal element and northwest side is the Metal Bagua or sector in any room. Metal is associated with business because money itself is made of metal, and it activates concentration, sharp thinking and productivity. But there should not be too much of Metal in your work space either. So balance white with little accents of golden or red. A golden clock or globe like in this space designed by UBER SPACE from Hyderabad work well, but a golden statue of Laughing Buddha or a Turtle can bring you more luck.

Use yellow on the westside

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Use a bright shade of yellow in the westside of your office as this will trigger the Earth element, which is the element that brings in stability and nourishment. You won't be making profits unless your work or business is stable and secure. You don't have to paint an entire wall yellow and reduce the formal feel of your office. Just add a few yellow cabinets like the one's here designed by STOCUBO—DAS MODULARE REGALSYSTEM, or place a funky yellow chair there, or if your office is too formal just hang a yellow poster or painting on a westside wall.

Add plants in the southeast corner

The southeast corner or Bagua in a room is associated with wealth in Feng Shui. Thus, keeping a plant there will help to make the space more alive and energetic and bring in more financial profit for you. A jade plant in a red pot is the best option, as this succulent is symbolic of growth and renewal. But other thriving indoor plants that have a evergreen feel around the year will also do the trick. If you are looking for some good luck tips for your home, here are 6 Vastu Shastra tips for your home.

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