Fast and simple, the washi tape will blow up your home!

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Washi tape has take Pinterest by storm and is the craft tool of the 21st Century!

Today at homify, we are going to show you why there are about a million and one things to do with washi tape and how you can use it to create a whole new world in your home. Easy to use, bright and colourful and super handy, washi tape can transform your home into something out of an Instagram post.

Let's find out more!

1. Washi Tape: what is it and why is super convenient to use it!

What's the the big deal with washi tape? It's just a bit of colourful tape, right?

Wrong. There's a reason why the creative and crafts-orientated people of the world are going gaga over it. 

Washi tape comes from Japan and while it looks and functions a lot like masking tape, it's far more delicate and of course, far more beautiful. Made from paper and consisting of natural materials such as bark, bamboo or hemp, it is soft and delicate but durable and strong. 

It's also really easy to use, just like masking tape. It rolls off of the cylinder-shaped dispenser and you simply need a pair of scissors to cut a piece loose.

The best part? It comes in so many different colours and patterns, you can get a bit addicted to the variety. It's also available in a variety of widths, so it can be used for so many different purposes. 

2. Which one is the best and relative costs

Choosing washi tape depends on what you want to use it for and what your favourite colours are. You can get plain coloured washi tape and you can get patterned washi tape. It's all about your personal preferences.

If you're going to be using washi tape for a something like covering the spines of your books, then you may want to go for washi tape that has a thinner width and will fit perfectly onto the spine of the book. If you're covering a lampshade, however, you may want to go for a thicker form of washi tape.

The best part is that washi tape isn't too pricey. You can buy a pack of nine for R60. Your creativity can run wild at a very affordable rate.

3. Washi tape as a fancy cover for the light switch

When it comes to the bedroom, there are always ways to add a bit of detail, colour and design. Washi tape is the perfect solution!

Use washi tape to spruce up your light switch, covering it with either patterned or plain coloured washi tape. Whatever you choose, it should be aligned with your bedroom decor. This is especially useful for a kid's bedroom. If your child loves pink for example, this patterned pink, blue and white washi tape, seen in the photograph, can add the perfect bit of detail to the light switch. 

You don't have to stick to the bedroom, however. Use washi tape to cover the light switch in the bathroom, kitchen or office space, creating a wonderful, unique and innovative piece of decor out of something that is usually boring and over looked!

4. Washi tape as a bi-dimensional frame for your pictures and photos

Art work, photographs and even paintings can always be enhanced by a washi tape border, especially if they hang on the fridge. It's time to use washi tape to get really crafty!

Use one type and colour of washi tape to create a border around your favourite photograph or picture or you can use several different types to create a really fun and funky border! Whatever you go for, make sure it suits the colour scheme of the room that you're planning to use the pictures in.

Tip: Stick your washi tape framed photographs on the fridge to create a fun, funky and retro feel in the kitchen.

5. Washi tape to make your child's bedroom unique

We've already touched on how washi tape can be used to spruce up your child's bedroom, but we're not finished yet!

There are so many different ways to use washi tape in your kid's bedroom that you won't know where to start. But let's begin at the basics. As we can see in the photograph, washi tape can be used to add a very subtle form of decor to just about everything, including the handles on the bedroom door. 

Earlier we looked at washi tape borders and frames for photographs and pictures. Here the washi tape comes in handy because not only does it create a funky frame but it can also function as the glue that sticks the photograph or painting to the wall. Design a wonderful collage for your child or get them to have fun doing it themselves.

They can also use washi tape to create the initials of their name on the wall or to create their own shapes and drawings. The opportunities are endless!

You may also be interested in this Polish homify professional, BIMAGO, which specialises in paint and wall coverings. 

6. Washi tape to pimp up your kitchen/entrance/living room

The truth is, however, that washi tape can work in just about every room. Don't you love how it has been used in this example to brighten up the shelves of a kitchen cupboard?

Use washi tape to decorate the bookshelf in your living room or the chest of drawers in your entrance hall. Anything is possible! And the best part is that you can truly experiment because washi tape isn't permanent. If you don't like how it looks, you can just peel it off. 

Create a full on family craft session where every member of the family can try their hand at washi tape. You'll be decorating your home for just about free!

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