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A garden path is a fantastic way to make your outdoor space a little more accessible and welcoming and, more than that, it's a truly simple project to complete. No need to hire expensive landscape gardeners for this one as we have all the advice you need.

Whether you want to build your path with bark chippings or bricks, we are here to give you the benefit of our perfect path knowledge so wait for a sunny day and get out into the garden. You'll be able to transform your space in one day!

Why create a path?

Before you set your sights on creating a garden path really take the time to think about if you truly do need one. We think they are a great way to ensure that you can reach flower beds and easily move about in the space, even if the grass gets a little overgrown, but if you prefer great swathes of green space don't feel pressured to put in a path.

For those of you that have sheds or outbuildings at the end of your garden, installing a path is an especially great idea but you can add one just for aesthetics, too.

Will it be complicated?

Porthcothan Responsive Home Innes Architects Сад
Innes Architects

Porthcothan Responsive Home

Innes Architects

A valid question that we wish more people asked before starting new home design projects. There is no shame in wanting to know how complicated it will be to complete something, so ask. When it comes to creating a perfect garden path the answer is that it won't be even nearly as complicated as you think.

A simple way to get from one end of your outdoor space to another, a path can be as easy to lay as you want. Take this great example from Innes Architects. It's by no means a complicated design and runs alongside the house, making it effortless to keep straight.

Can I use cheap materials?

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Rui Grazina Architecture + Design

House in Barcelos, Portugal

Rui Grazina Architecture + Design

We don't think anybody actively wants to only participate in home projects that will cost a huge amount of money but there is sometimes still a stigma attached to asking about using reasonably priced materials. We want to get rid of that by proclaiming that you can create a wonderful garden path super cheaply.

Whether you opt for expensive marble slabs or plain concrete paving stones is up to you and your bank balance but rest assured that the impact will be fabulous and beautiful whatever you choose. It's all about how you use materials, not which ones you select.

Will it make a big impact?

A Modern Garden with Traditional Materials Yorkshire Gardens Сад
Yorkshire Gardens

A Modern Garden with Traditional Materials

Yorkshire Gardens

How could a new garden path not make a brilliant impact on your outdoor space? Where once there was only flora and fauna, suddenly there will be an access path that allows you to freely move about in your garden and when it's built with aesthetics as well as function in mind, it will naturally be gorgeous.

If you don't believe that garden paths can be lovely to look at just take a look at this example. A heady mix of mismatched shapes and colours, this colossal crazy paving installation looks incredible and makes such light work of dividing the lawn. Lovely!

Bricks and bark will work together

Traditional front garden and driveway homify Сад

Traditional front garden and driveway


If you want to plan a garden path that will make a visual impact but still come in at a reasonable cost, we think that combining materials is a great idea. Bricks are one of the cheapest building resources available and are naturally well suited to making paths but, left alone, they can look a little stark or even bargain basement.

Try pairing two or more cheaper materials together to pull together a far more enigmatic and pretty end result. Don't you think that the rich dark red bricks look great partnered with soft bark chippings here? You certainly couldn't think that this looks like a cheap installation.

Gravel is great

Coastal sculpture garden homify Сад

Coastal sculpture garden


The ultimate in affordable garden path materials, gravel makes for a fast and fashionable solution to garden access but you can go a little more deluxe should you want to. While your standard mixed shingle will look great, you can also splash out on some beautifully colourful gravel, including black, white and pink varieties that are commonly used in Japanese themed gardens. The question is, how far do you want to go? 

We think gravel makes for an ideal path base onto which you can add paving slabs, as seen here. To really make the most of your new path we recommend some solar lights on either side. They are so reasonably priced now and will make your garden usable day and night.

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Beautiful Garden Jacuzzis. What could be better at the end of your new path than a stunning hot tub? 

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