14 stunning staircase design ideas for your home

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Dúplex Las Rozas, Tarimas de Autor Tarimas de Autor Сходи Дерево
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So much more than just a means of connecting different floor levels, interior staircases can become fabulous focal points and form part of a room’s interior décor – when designed correctly, of course.

What makes staircase designs so interesting and fun is that, similar to other architectural features, there are various materials, styles, sizes and colours to play with. Straight, Winder, Half-Landing, Spiral… these are just some of the different designs for staircases. Plus one’s options increase even further with additional models like open- or closed risers, stringers or spines, etc. 

Let’s be inspired with some top-notch staircase designs and also take a look at one Johannesburg professional that can be counted on for a deluxe staircase design in your home…  

1. Seasoned professionals for staircases… and other builds

Located in Cape Town, Beton Haus is a construction company with more than 40 years’ experience in the structural concrete / home renovation industries. But it’s not only internal and external staircases that form part of this firm’s expert services.

In addition, they also have the skills, expertise and experience to take on swimming pools, extension structures, painting, flooring, tiling, plastering, built-in cabinetry, and a range of other home / architectural projects.


Fleming | Minimal Design, EF_Archidesign EF_Archidesign Сходи

The open-riser staircase gets a contemporary, dream-like makeover with these timber steps that appear to be floating to the next level.


We know that this is technically about staircases, but we're willing to bet that this example wouldn't have been half as fascinating without the additional elements surrounding this modern design, especially those circular pendants dangling to the floors below! 


Attico all'Aventino, Blocco8 Architettura Blocco8 Architettura Коридор

Taking up much less space than Winder or Landing designs, this spiral beauty gracefully curves upwards – and the additional lighting fixtures on the walls are too charming.


Main staircase William Gaze Ltd Коридор

Styled in the traditional design, this solid riser perfectly melts into the surroundings thanks to the matching, pristine white colour scheme. It's just the runner (in off-white and navy blue) that makes it stand out ever so slightly.


CASTELLO CECONI - INTERNI, Elia Falaschi Fotografo Elia Falaschi Fotografo Коридор

Quite the quirky look, this design should definitely not be attempted after one too many…


casa IZ, NonWarp NonWarp Коридор

Who says you need railings? This modern beauty is bold and daring, which adds to its unique style. Still, we advise caution!


Storage under staircase, Fuze Interiors Fuze Interiors Сходи

Taking advantage of the space that so often goes wasted underneath a staircase, this solid riser turned the legroom below into a storage / display area.


Nothing quite like a white-and-beach-timber combination to flaunt a staircase design to perfectly complement an Asian interior… or a Scandinavian one… or for a beach house… or just any minimalist space…


Flaunting the super modern style with so much pizzazz, this example nearly melts into the surrounding floor- and wall surfaces. Yet, it beautifully comes back to life via its tile cladding, perfectly placed lighting fixtures, and those contemporary glass balustrades.


나무가 주는 포근함이 전해지는 지중해풍 목조주택 (강원도 강릉시), 더존하우징 더존하우징 Сходи

We've seen staircase space being used for storage, but how about turning that little area underneath into your own reading nook?


Dúplex Las Rozas, Tarimas de Autor Tarimas de Autor Сходи Дерево

Beautifully crafted timber rises out of the (also timber) floor and leads us to the next level! And notice how the second tread extends to make room for some accessories!


Made from metal, this open riser seems perfect for a modern / industrial-style city loft. 


Yet another design that refuses to let valuable space go to waste, only this time the living area's main entertainment hub (the TV) becomes a part of the staircase's focal feature. 

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