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Single Storey Extension and Loft Conversion, Lance Rd London Building Renovation Ванна кімната
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Recessed ceiling lights are a modern concept. They certainly add something to a room which makes it look new and clean. Slightly older fashioned rooms have one central ceiling light, but this is not the only option available now. With a bit of planning we can have lighting options that make our rooms look warm and welcoming.

Gone are the days when one harsh light fills the room. Now is the time to think about recessed lighting, as it certainly helps bring our homes up to date and look much more modern. The joy of recess lighting is that we can control where it goes, so we can have some parts of our rooms with more light in them than in other parts.

A modern look

Lounge In:Style Direct Вітальня

In this image, designed by In-style Direct we can see that the room is very modern looking. It has clean lines and definitive areas of living. The living area is defined by the table and the rug, whilst the dining area is separated by using the sofa. The lighting here can be varied between the use of the recessed lights or the lamp. And, of course, during the day light floods in through the windows. There are a good number of ceiling lights used here to keep that clean and bright feeling the room has, even after the sun goes down. 

Subtle shapes

Essential Pack In:Style Direct Вітальня
In:Style Direct

Essential Pack

In:Style Direct

This room is a very open plan living area. Lighting has been used to help maintain that feeling. The lights help create the effect of openness that this space needs. The use of any other lighting could make it feel enclosed because of the odd angular shapes in the walls. These would create heavy shadows and dark areas. By using recessed lighting, light is projected in the right directions to keep everything airy.

Rows of lights

Living /Kitchen/Dining area In:Style Direct Вітальня
In:Style Direct

Living /Kitchen/Dining area

In:Style Direct

With recessed lighting in a living room (or any room for that matter), rows are a common option. This is simply down to design and wiring, but you will often see it in neat rows. This makes everything uniformed and it keeps in line with modern design. In this room, it is another open planned area (like above). We love how the lighting helps keep that sense of space. There are no lights or lampshades hanging down taking up space. The ceiling is open and flat and light can still fill the room with ease.

Darker times

Woodlands Grove PARKdesigned Architects Вітальня

When there is a part of a room that is darker than others, it goes without saying that it needs lights. In this image it is easy to see that there is a lack of natural light all round. The skylight does offer some light into the space and helps greatly. However, by the piano and the door it is darker. We can see how the use of recessed ceiling lights help give the area a much lighter feel. Again the use of a conventional ceiling light here would come down too low (in the already lowered ceiling) and look quite awkward.


Apartments in Nothing Hill, London Pergo Вітальня

Apartments in Nothing Hill, London


Recessed ceiling lights work well in a minimalist space. The lack of lampshade, stand or exposed wiring is testament to how well they fit this look. In this photo we can tell immediately it is a minimalist design , with little furniture and muted tones. The lights work to highlight areas that need it without being too overpowering.

They work in the bathroom too

Single Storey Extension and Loft Conversion, Lance Rd London Building Renovation Ванна кімната
London Building Renovation

Single Storey Extension and Loft Conversion, Lance Rd

London Building Renovation

Recessed lights are not limited to the kitchen or living room. They can work in hallways, dining rooms and bathrooms too. In this image we can see the shape of the shower is slightly awkward and dark. The window helps give the room light, but the slanted ceiling of the shower would still have been dark. By using recessed lighting we can see that the shower is now a place where you can see what you are doing. It is a simple idea that gives maximum impact.

Black and white

Bathroom In:Style Direct Ванна кімната

Black and white is a very classic look. In this bathroom it works incredibly well, in what could be considered a small space. The white trim of the bath and the white sink offer a lovely contrast to the dark tiles. The recessed lighting helps keep the lines in room neat too, whilst providing a good source of light.

A little bit darker

Creighton Avenue Andrew Mulroy Architects Ванна кімната

This image is darker than the one above overall. The use of grey throughout does give the sense of a darker space. However, the skylight offers a lovely amount of light that hits the marble flooring and filters through the glass into the shower area. Using recessed ceiling lights will help the entire room feel light when it is dark outside. The shower has it's own lights, meaning it won't be plunged into darkness once the sun goes down. 

mixed effect

Grey Roofs, Crackington Haven, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Ванна кімната
The Bazeley Partnership

Grey Roofs, Crackington Haven, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

We do believe you can mix lighting. Like in the living room images above, the use of lamps can still work with recessed lighting. In this photo we can easily see that the mirror has it's own source of light, which is a good design idea in a bathroom, where we need to see ourselves well. Recessed lighting does offer a soft and warm sort of light, and sometimes we need a little more light, especially in a bathroom.

Directional lighting

Living room In:Style Direct Вітальня
In:Style Direct

Living room

In:Style Direct

By using rows of lighting, we can see the simple effect it can have. Changing the direction of the recessed lights gives a sense of separating spaces. Here they go one from the living room to the kitchen, and then another direction as they go over the dining area. We love this simple design feature, as it divides the three spaces very well. With open plan comes the idea of space, and the right lighting will only add to that feel.

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