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Stunning Container Houses by Expert Architects in Sandton

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Container houses have taken South Africa by storm, becoming the very epitome of smart living in a modern age. Suffice to say these are becoming the perfect homes for large and small families throughout Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa. Container houses are versatile, affordable and when done right, some of the best looking, understated homes around. 

A4AC Architects are expertly skilled in the development of container homes throughout Sandton Johannesburg. With a hands-on approach, they provided services that include but are not limited to the designing and construction of container buildings as well as lightweight steel framing. Their services accommodate domestic and commercial industries throughout Johannesburg South Africa.   

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing container houses done by A4AC Architect in Sandton.

Customized lightweight steel framing

Lightweight steel framing can be used in many ways as is seen in this beautiful granny flat entrance. It gives a sense of modernity and chic industrial style. 

Less is more

Container homes are affordable and with it, you truly get more for your money. This modest bedroom is a reflection of that where the designers created an authentic container style room while incorporating light and great textures.

Steel and wood fusion for an eco look

A4AC Architects developed a natural outdoor space by creating this gorgeous deck and entertainment area. They used steel and wood to elevate this space for that amazing tree canopy view as seen here. 

Portable prefabricated container home

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Prefabricated homes or also known as prefabs are very convenient and easy to set up. They are portable and this one is kitted with a kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom

Functional container house kitchenette

A4AC Architects know that when constructing container houses precision and care is needed to get the most out of your home. This is a great example of how they designed and installed a functional kitchen, which displays this stylish red feature wall.  

Redesigned dining and kitchen space

This space is designed with lightweight metal walls that give that modern look tailored for a chic family home. It complements this redesigned dining and kitchen area.

Modern master bedroom

This container house features this ultra modern master bedroom fusing artistic accents and a beautiful curtain wall drawing in the natural sunlight from the outdoors in. 

Use of natural light

Natural light is important when designing a home, and A4AC Architectures ensure that natural light is used in their container homes decreasing the need for electricity and reducing the environmental footprint. 

Chic from the outside in

Container houses are so versatile and are great for a family lifestyle or as an alternative living space. When designed properly, you can create the most luxurious container home from the inside out as seen in this photo. Designers went out of their way to instil a contemporary design to accompany the beautiful house as a whole.  

Finding inspiration with homify is always simple and while houses, as we know it, are changing each day, finding a more environmental-friendly, affordable way to live is on the cards for everyone. Have a browse through this homify article for more insight to container homes ’9 things to know before building a container home’

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