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A Country Manor Reborn

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by dmesure
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This Parisian château has been given revived confidence thanks to a stunning re-imaging by interior design experts from Dmesure. The re-imagining was spurred by the birth of a child, with the owners desiring a new setting that would meet the current and future needs of their young family. 

The new look interior by Dmesure celebrates the classical architecture of the original home while at the same time boldly introducing contemporary accents into the mix. 

Today, the château arouses curiosity and encourages exploration. Come and discover it all with us here on homify. 

Beauty and history

by dmesure

What an idyllic setting this is! Be sure to take the time to admire the pretty setting in which the château is located. The beauty and history of the building has been captured in the photo and we can see how the old home looks amazing with its gorgeous stone and red brick façade lovingly restored. All the exterior's original features appear as they should – in pristine condition.

A warm reception

by dmesure

A quaint reception hall welcomes us inside the family home. Perfectly proportioned, the space is replete with light, soft textures and traditional interior accents. Take note of the workmanship of the timber staircase that provides us with a glance of the building's history.  

Dining in style

by dmesure

The tired dining room has been completely changed to become a fresh new setting. Designed to maximise the sense of space and light, the room enjoys an amazing sense of openness that's emphasised by the original windows and double height ceiling. 

We just love the look of the interior, which mixes contemporary furnishing with the traditional elements. The smooth white surface of the stone dining table works when paired with the eclectic mix of chairs. 

Ready to cook

by dmesure

The colour red is associated with hunger so it seems only fitting that this colour is found in the kitchen. 

We imagine there is plenty of yummy food to be found inside the cabinets to satisfy the hunger of the family. Durable and tough, the black stone working surfaces are a great choice for kitchens that see a lot of activity.  

Just for fun

by dmesure

The attic on the top level of the home has been re-imagined to be a kid's recreation room. An attic seems like the logical place for a recreation room considering the kids can be as loud as they want without disturbing anyone!

This space is jam-packed with all sorts of things so that the kids and their friends can always be entertained, which means the adults can enjoy socialising downstairs without any fear that the kids get bored.

A space to admire

by dmesure

Every design aspect (old and new) combines so effortlessly in this bedroomDmesure seem to have considered the scale of the furniture and decorative items in an attempt to find the best chemistry. 

The décor style is super cosy thanks to the antique and homely accessories. A popular trend we've witnessed on homify, as seen here, is the Arabian style furniture. This style of furniture brings interesting patterns as well as the flair of the east to the home. 

Domain for a child

by dmesure

The décor in the children's bedroom uses the structure of the original house so well. The green shade of the ceiling and cream wallpaper match wonderfully, both in terms of colour and positioning.

The simple pattern of the wallpaper provides flexibility for future changes in the décor when the child grows up and their tastes change. An assortment of multi-coloured pillows is a simple and fun way of adding youthfulness and fun to the room.

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