5 beautiful accent wall ideas to spruce up your home

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Accent walls or also commonly known as “feature walls” are a beautiful concept for any home, provided that you accessorize to match the wall. Focal wall ideas tend to create a sense of artistic flair and yet inspire sophistication and a unique sense of décor style. However, doing your accent wall correctly is not as simple as painting any wall in the room. It’s true that if done incorrectly it will stand out like a “sore thumb” rather than express the sheer beauty that it ought to.

Focal walls naturally tend to draw the attention of the onlooker’s eye, so they are eye-catching. It’s important to bear some of these factors in mind if you want to create the right setting for your feature wall. Pay attention as to how you will incorporate color, the overall wall-design as well as whether or not the wall will be functional. In most cases, people prefer a functional focal wall and not simply a flat painted wall in the room.

If you’d love to create a feature wall of your own and need some guidance, get the help you need right here with experienced professionals.

Shelving movie feature wall

Creating a feature wall specifically suited to your media or living room is a great way to introduce a theme. This is a beautiful accent walls living room example as the designers made use of a whole wall creating space for the television as well as the homeowner’s collection of Blue Ray and DVDs. This wall was designed with built-in shelves to create a neat sense of depth while introducing color into the neutral room.

Glass wall feature

Curtain walls are truly beautiful, they are safe and provide plenty of natural light to filter through which is wonderfully insulating. While they aren’t the typical accent walls used, they do have many advantages. They are also common with modern and contemporary structured homes. See how light and fresh this stunning living room looks as a result of the glass curtain wall system in that part of the home.

Minimalistic winter comfort living room accent wall

This living room is welcoming, relaxing and cozy. Architects cleverly added a fireplace into the feature wall which gives it function along with the chic sophistication of this entire room. The glass walls here allows for light giving the feeling of a larger space. This fireplace inclusive feature wall is functional and great for all seasons as it is simply gorgeous.

Dining room art accent wall

Ever considered your dining room to include a beautiful accent wall? Accent wall painting ideas are a perfect choice if you want to change the décor but not create a permanent solution. With paintings, you’re able to remove them later on or change them up as you feel fit. This spacious dining room features an art piece on the wall and is simply a lovely addition to the already stunning living space.

Mellow blue bedroom accent wall

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We often see the accent wall in the living room or dining area, but they also make the perfect location in the bedroom. Bedroom accent walls are a fantastic way to add a unique touch to your room. The color you choose can help with creating a positive mood as seen here. The color blue is calming and relaxing and thus fitting as the color of your bedroom focal wall. As seen in this beautiful room, the bedroom is minimalistic and incorporates accents of blue throughout the décor to complement the wall. It’s simple and delightful!

DIY is always great if you’re looking to create your own crafted finished product, but all hands on deck and the help of a trained professional can get you the perfection you’re looking for. You can find skilled professionals at homify to help you with every part of your home designing needs.

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