7 faucet finishes for fabulous bathrooms

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The faucets that get installed in a new bathroom space really can make or break the entire project, as any fixtures professional will confirm. While fitting a faucet might well be a simple DIY repair that any homeowner can manage, choosing the perfect finish can be a little more tricky, which is why this guide has been curated, to highlight the pros and cons of a number of different faucet styles and designs. 

Placement of faucets, wider bathroom styling and budget will all be factors when it comes to choosing a suitable faucet finish and with there being so many options available now, it makes sense to consider them all, but in terms of more than just simple aesthetics. Of course, this will be a huge factor, but functionality, longevity and ease of maintenance need to be thought about as well. Luckily, this guide has been designed to take all the hard work out of fabulous faucet selections!

Patina faucet finishes.

Let's start with an unusual but utterly beautiful and stylish faucet finish that is definitely worth considering for any bathrooms that have a more heritage or antique design aesthetic in place. While lots of people seek to keep taps looking shiny and water mark-free, faucets with patina look well-used and interesting from day one, while needing minimal cleaning and maintenance as well.

Bathroom fixture finishes are so often mirror-polished and dazzlingly shiny that it makes a refreshing, not to mention eye-catching change to choose something more antique and traditional. The best part is that these older-looking faucets can contrast with contemporary suite items so beautifully, to create a very personal space.

​Brushed nickel vs chrome faucet finishes.

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Heritage Bathrooms

For homeowners that like a more shiny faucet finish but don't want to go the whole hog with mirror-polished chrome, brushed nickel is a terrific midway point. Creating a gleaming and bright focal point that offers a little glittering design aesthetic, but without all the concerns of staying on top of water marks, a brushed finish is a great way to straddle the line between contemporary and traditional styling and it works perfectly with any style of faucet.

From modern wall-mounted faucets through to more traditional installations, a brushed nickel finish looks wonderful and won't ever show up all the little scratches that chrome will.

​Polished nickel vs chrome faucet finishes.

If a shiny finish is what is wanted for a bathroom, polished nickel and chrome faucets are definitely worth comparing. On the face of it, there might seem to be little in the way of differences, as a perfectly mirrored look can be achieved with both plating styles, but there is an intrinsic tonal variation to take into account.

Nickel tends to have a deeper and warmer base, making it a luxurious finish that resonates some often much-needed warmth into a cool room. On the other hand, chrome is cooler and fresher, creating a more contemporary design, so the decision really does come down to personal preference. Both plating styles are equally as corrosion resistant, but nickel tends to be a little pricier, so this is an extra element to take into consideration.

Placement can dictate faucet finishes.

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Before we move on to some of the more unusual options for faucet finishes, let's take a moment to remember that the way a faucet is mounted will have a direct impact on which styles are going to be most appropriate. Sink faucets are one thing, as they tend to be out of the way, but for freestanding baths that have floor-mounted faucets, cleanliness and durability become key issues.

Naturally, bath and sink faucets need to match, so choosing the right finish that will withstand accidental knocks and scrapes is important, which is why a brushed or patina aesthetic tends to be very popular. Mirror-polished faucets, when connected to a floor, can get very dirty and need plating a lot sooner, so that's food for thought.

Stainless steel faucet finishes.

For an industrial look with a touch of glamor, without all the headaches of constant cleaning, stainless steel taps are a fantastic option. They give the sleek and modern look that so many people want in their bathrooms but have the added benefit of being particularly cost-effective, thanks to stainless steel not being considered to be a particularly fashionable material. It can withstand a decent scrub as well, which makes it great for fastidious cleaners.

Copper faucet finishes.

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When it comes to bathroom fixture finishes and fixture colors, few options beat copper in terms of the warmth and eye-catching glamor that it brings to a space. It also happens to be particularly on-trend right now, as gorgeous metallic accessories are frequently being added to every room in the home. 

It's worth remembering that copper can be adversely affected by water (think about copper roofs that turn green!), so regular cleaning and maintenance will be essential and if a polished finish is chosen, non-abrasive cleaning products will need to be used. Brushed copper faucets will add a charmingly antique look to a bathroom, which makes them ideal for more rustic spaces or those located within older properties.

Gold faucet finishes.

Finally, let's take a look at quite possibly the most luxurious faucet finish currently available on the market; gold with crystal accents! We know that this look won't be for everybody, but in the right bathroom, gold faucets will blend beautifully and add undeniable eye-catching glamor. It goes without saying that this is a finish that would need to be carefully maintained, cleaning-wise and that specialist products would have to be used so as to not tarnish the gold plating. 

It really is quite surprising just how many different faucet finishes there are to choose from, but once a bathroom aesthetic has been decided upon, it should be a simple task to pick the most elegant faucets to complete the look.

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