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Bathroom tile with style

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If you think the only consideration when choosing bathroom tiles is whether or not you like them, thank goodness you found this article! There is so much more to material selection than personal aesthetic preferences and we are here to help you get to grips with it!

You need to take into account environment, wider styling, cost and durability as well as your own personality, but don't panic; it's not as complicated as it sounds! Take a look at our list of top considerations and you'll be a materials pro in no time!

Start with colour

Bathrooms tiles can make or break a space. There, we said it and it feels good to get that off our chest! So often, people opt for what is cheapest, simplest or least imaginative, but with a little bit more thought and research, that dull bathroom could have been a stylish haven of elegance and eye-catching detail!

It would have been incredibly easy to simply opt for white tiles in this fabulous bathroom, but Leicht Küchen AG have gone for something a little more daring and turned to the dark side of the bathroom force! We are inspired by this bold use of colour and think you should really consider what your dream hue would be before you buy!

Look for easy joining

If you have decided that your bathroom tiles are going to glamorous and fantastic, we wholeheartedly approve of your decision, but take a moment to look at how they join together, as poor continuity will quickly undermine an elegant impression.

This tip is especially important for things like wood effect tiles, marble and anything that has a striation to it. You need to be sure you can perfectly match up your tiles to create a seamless finish, as if you can't, you may as well choose something else entirely!

Choose materials that can handle moisture

Let's never lose sight of the fact that we are talking about bathroom tiles here and with that in mind, you need to know that you are selecting a material that will be able to deal with a lot of moisture on a regular basis. Regardless of ventilation systems and open windows, there will be a large amount of water circulating your space in one form or another and with that comes the risk of mildew.

Choosing tiles that are easy to clean, can be fitted with mildew-resistant grout and dry quickly is a really sensible idea and you might be surprised at how beautiful some of your options are!

Think about texture

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If the relative low maintenance of bathroom tiles tells you that they are definitely for you, but you are feeling  a little unsure about flat, undefined walls, don't panic as there are a host of wonderful styles for you to choose from! The world isn't flat and nor do your tiles have to be!

Subway tiles are absolutely exploding at the moment and are fast becoming one of the most popular bathroom material choices. They offer fun texture, definition and uber stylish aesthetics and best of all, if you can picture a colour, you will be able to buy subway tiles to match! 

Go for anti-slip

While preventing moisture build-up is vital, you will also need to ensure that you don't select bathroom tiles that will prove to be too slippery underfoot. Not everyone will want to have a ceiling through to floor material design in place, but those of you who do need to keep your eyes peeled for tiles that offer safety and good looks in equal measure!

Natural tiles are often more prone to being fast drying and safe, as it is the glazed options that seem to stay dangerous for longer! Natural slate would be a wonderful choice, as it has a slightly rough surface and is a little more absorbent.

Add a little personality

With colour, safety, mildew prevention and continuity all in mind, now you can start to have a little fun with your bathroom tiles selection! Naturally, you want to inject a whole heap of your personality and unique style into your room and now is the time!

Perhaps you could add a feature wall in the shower, or make a mosaic splashback for behind the sink? Whatever your style leanings, remember that you have to be able to use the room as well as enjoying how it looks and that with a little research, the perfect compromise won't be hard to find.

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Bathroom Tiles. You'll love how varied the styles available are!

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